ToggleShock 2.3.1

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This mod works with the SHOCK state which is built into the SDT game. This state is normally triggered by exceptional in-game events (such as air hunger or deepthroat penetration). With this mod installed, the state can be toggled at-will by pressing a key.

This mod also allows the user to fine-tune the size change which the girl's iris undergoes during SHOCK mode. This is anatomically incorrect, but it's a well-established anime trope which fits the art style of SDT.

Installation and Usage
  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Copy the toggleshock.txt file into your ./Settings folder.
  3. If you want the mod to be loaded automatically during startup then:
    1. Copy toggleShock.swf into your ./Mods/$Init$/ folder.
    2. Add "toggleShock.swf" to your ./Mods/$Init$/Mods.txt file.
  4. Run Loader.swf
    • Please recall that ToggleShock is a Loader Mod. It will not work with the vanilla SDT.swf game!
  5. If you have included ToggleShock in your Init configuration then it will load automatically. If not, then you can load it manually via the GUI (Modding Tab > "Swf mod..." button).
  6. Press the hotkey (default: 7 key on your Numpad) to activate SHOCK mode
  7. Press the hotkey again to deactivate SHOCK mode
  8. Open the toggleShock.txt file
    1. Edit the key parameter to choose a different hotkey
    2. Edit the size parameter to adjust the size of the iris during SHOCK mode
  9. Reload the mod after changing its settings


Interaction with Gameplay
When the girl is in the SHOCK state, she is unable to close her eye. SHOCK is expected to be a brief state which adds emphasis to a specific gameplay event (such as the first deepthroat penetration in a gameplay session).

Keeping the girl in SHOCK state for an indefinite interval will yield some odd effects. Since she cannot close her eye, she will not blink and cannot protect her eye from incoming semen strands. Her normal emotional responses may be concealed - you might not notice that she is unable to breathe and is on the verge of losing consciousness.

It's expected that you'll use a "small" value (<1) for the size parameter, because the shrunken iris exposes sclera and makes the girl seem fearful/desperate (which is presumed to be the typical goal among users of this mod).

You can also experiment with "large" (size ≥1) values. The result is a wide-eyed unblinking puppy dog expression without any obvious "fear." Depending on the girl's mood (which influences eyebrow position and mouth shape), the effect may be something along the lines of "sympathy", "keen interest", or "curiosity." Such options may be useful if you're attempting to simulate an otherworldly character.

Please remember that you will need to reload the mod (via the "Swf mod..." button, or by simply restarting the game) in order for configuration changes to take effect.

Interaction with Mood
The SHOCK state causes the girl's eyebrows to rise. This effect is diminished when she is angry (because the rise effect must compete with the inherent downslope of the "angry eyebrows").

The eyebrow-rise effect is more noticeable under the normal, happy, or ahegao moods.
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