The Polishing Game - A Ruby Rose Dialogue (originally by f93)

The Polishing Game - A Ruby Rose Dialogue (originally by f93) ver. 1.0

"As a huntsman training at Beacon Academy, you meet Ruby, who fangirls out over you. She asks to take a look at your weapon, and you jokingly say that your penis is the only weapon you need. But she doesn't take that as a joke..."
This is a vanilla dialogue, and a remake of the Ruby Rose dialogue originally written by @f93 . This one has more lines and line attributes to make it more consistent. I also borrowed the polishing concept of the Clara Loft dialogue originally written by TOmcat and applied it to here. In this case, Ruby plays a polishing game with your, ahem, "weapon," to get an autograph from you. Overall, that's it. All credit goes to @f93 for having written such a splendid dialogue. Cheers!
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