The Performance Artist

The Performance Artist ver. 1.0

Another weird dialogue of mine that I thought I'd share with you guys; this one is where a woman sucks off any person or thing of your choosing, whether it's a man, a woman, a microphone, or even Pickle Rick. Neither the woman nor the person (if you so choose) speak. Only the audience does, and their comments are written as thought lines. It's a performance act that I would consider as best falling under the art movement known as "Dada," which took place during the early 1900s, and is best summarized by the sculpture called "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp. I took some inspiration from the Key and Peele sketch called "Dicknanigans" when I wrote this, and it also has some slight political satire, but none of it is meant to attack any political group. It's a joke that's all in good time. I hope you'll all enjoy. Otherwise, let me know if you run into any issues. Also, I would recommend using a stage background for this, but overall, it is a vanilla dialogue. No other mods needed.
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