Strapped High Heel Sandals

Strapped High Heel Sandals 1.0

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Started doing these because Hank East Hank East requested this kind of shoes:

I'm aware that I deviated from the material he posted.
(I was using a cosplay image set as reference.)

I might create a variant which is closer to the in-game look at some point.



Note: The shoes come together with the Feet4Heels body mod and therefore are incompatible with most of the legwear which was made for the girl's vanilla feet.

A note on the RGB-slider support

The mod uses the first slider for the shoe's color, and the second slider for the light color.
In most cases, a while or yellowish color is a good fit.
Use the alpha slider to adjust the brightness of the "light source".

SyntaxTerror SyntaxTerror described this approach in one of his great tutorials on the forum.

I made the shoes using this template:


Check in here for all things SDT:
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Excellent shoes! Have really been looking forward to this lately. The funky lighting is a very nice touch as well. Even if they deviate a bit from the source material I'm pretty happy with it, though it would be nice to have a more accurate version as well ;)