Star Trek Online Nude Mods: "The Nudist Generation" Edition

Star Trek Online Nude Mods: "The Nudist Generation" Edition 3.5.3 - Age of Uncovering

Updated to Shiro's latest version. Sorry for vanishing!
~ Patch chase for ST.87.20180514a.39.

~ This version's postergirl is Asheleigh's character Lily! Congratulations! She'll be the postergirl until the next major release-ish.

~ The idea for the Community Development Edition has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

- Corrected an error where the 3.3.4 installer was being included with the 3.3.5 installer.

- All descriptions in the component selection page have been temporarily disabled while I fix the positions.

- The New Contact Screen Zoom option has been removed (temporarily). Future updates may not include it due to the complexity of maintaining this option.

+ Daedalus's Faction Pubes have been added to the installer.
~ As with the Body Art, you may only select either Pube Mods or Body Art mods.
~ The implementation for this was corrected such that Skins and Body Art are mutually exclusive.

+ Corrected some typographical errors in the installer for the French and German languages that caused Windows-1252 characters to be interpreted in UTF-8 characters.

+ Improved the display for the installer components page so that indexes can be better referenced.
~ This is a major improvement for my ability to add stuff!

+ Loincloths have been added to the Klingon components as they were intended to.
~ This does not affect any existing installations.

+ New Head Shot, Mod Switches, and Chastity Belt have been moved to the back of the components list.
~ This does not affect any existing installations.

+ New client-side animation swaps are now included in the installer:
~ Cupid Shuffle replaces Dance Mix.
~ Electro Shock replaces Yell.
~ Flex replaces No.
~ Flirty replaces Yawn.
~ Smooth Criminal replaces Dance Raise The Roof.
~ Swoon replaces Point.
~ Wink replaces Yes.

+ The Cute stance is now correctly replaced. I think.
~ It should not T-pose again like a Garry's Mod game.
~ This was due to Dynmove getting updates to the core files.

+ The Electro Shock replacing Dance Jester has been modified.
~ Rick Roll now plays in place of Electro Shock.
~Patch chase for ST.85.20180314a.18.
Version 3.3.4 "Minx and Inks"

~ Patch chase for ST.82.20180215a.11.
Version 3.3.3 "Minx and Inks"
~ Corrected a NudeStrapper error for the DynMove compiler that caused it to
put the resultant file in an unexpected location on the root drive.
Version 3.3.2 "Minx and Inks"

~ (Long overdue!) Patch chase for ST.82.20180111a.20.

~ Sorry if it's messy, it's been a while!
Version 3.3.1 "Minx and Inks"
~ Patch chase for ST.80.20171016a.22.

+ The following outfits have been integrated into the removal options:
~ TNG Skant
~ ALL Winter Cropped outfits (we swear this time, they were renamed for the second WE and we didn't notice it till now)
~ Club Wear Skirt
~ Loincloths

+ The following options have been added into Daedalus's Body Art section:
~ Glowing Tribal Tattoos

+ "Cropped Purple" has been corrected to "Cropped Sugar Plum".

+ Removed an unnessecary function that was slowing down the installation process.

+ German and French language support has been (incompletely) added.
~ Long descriptions have also been (incompletely) localized into German and French.
~ My German and French are both terrible, so I will appreciate efforts to have better translations!
~ If you ask, I will provide the language strings I use so that they may be better translated!

+ Custom jiggle SHOULD be corrected.

+ The installer's version will no longer look really ugly in the Control Panel.
~ This is an asthetic change I noticed in the Control Panel that I didn't like.

+ The Mod Switch option has been updated to actually search for STO's GameClient.exe process.
~ Thanks for this, Discusser!
~ STILL super sorry about that, Poplan!

+ The temporary directory the mod unloads into has been renamed for posterity.
~ Sorry, Poplan! T_T

+ The mod now installs into a much cleaner directory structure inside the Live folder.
~ Sorry, Poplan! T_T (I really hope this doesn't become a recurring theme...)
+ I forgot to put the version that actually had the loader in. xD
Version 3.3.0 "Minx and Inks"

~ Patch chase for ST.80.20170917b.44.

$ Our featured model for this release is Mia Sephiria, by Daedalus!

+ Daedalus's body art has ALL been integrated into the STO Nude Mod!
~ Daedalus is now also an active maintainer for the skins! Congrats!

+ All future versions of the mod will now require Administrator powers to install.
~ This is so we don't run into previous problems with the mod where we lacked rights.

+ File descriptions now line up correctly to the components.

+ Nipple imprints are now live. Experimental tests were successful.

+ Shiny tights to HD hairy are now live. Experimental tests were successful.

+ Fixed an error that caused the installer to never load Clamman5's textures.

+ The Changelog is now displayed at the end of installation.
~ The requisite checkbox on the Finished page has been removed.

+ Optimized the loading from the development branch to the release branch.
~ This also optimizes the packing strategy for the installer.

+ The Inno Setup installer has been wrapped into an NSIS basic extractor for preinstall and postinstall operations.
~ This is because Inno Setup does not support actions BEFORE or AFTER it is actually initiated or deinitialized.
~ The Examples link now functions properly because they are unloaded before the actual setup.
~ The examples are loaded into the Temp folder.
AGAIN fixed an error that caused nothign to get written to a file location variable.