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Star Trek Online Nude Mods: "The Nudist Generation" Edition 3.4.0 - Nudity is Life by The ZTS

Set phasers to DAYUM! (cause Stunning wasn't high enough)

  1. The ZTS
    Clamman5 - The wizard who did most of the heavy lifting, props to he who props up boobies
    The ZTS - The analyst, packager, and announcer of nudes, and maintainer of changes
    Daedalus - The inkmaster and the gatekeeper (;p), probably the most aggressive bug-hunter out there, the man needs his nudes

    This grand and flashy update is brought to you in part by the following:
    Password42 - all hail the super sexy password
    meehee (A.K.A. thefunkyone) - the original nudist
    belechannas - The guy with the Windows compilation magic who updated the tools
    Gibbed (A.K.A. Rick) - the guy who made the original tools, wubba lubba dub dub
    Poplan - Keeping us on life support until Clamman5 and I could make our breakthrough
    Regardie - Also keeping us on life support

    This mod will initially only support the HOLODECK (Live) shard of Star Trek Online.
    Attempts to support TRIBBLE (Test) and/or REDSHIRT (Patch) are being explored, but no promises.

    We highly recommend using the installer, however, in case of emergency a manual installer is available. Manual installation is as follows:

    1) Download the associated ZIP file.
    (NOTE: Your AV may freak out because you're downloading zipped BIN files. Grant an exception if this happens.)

    2) Unpack the files into one of the three following directories. If you're using custom file placement for your programs (e.x. You have multiple hard drives), you know what to do.

    Steam users:
    <DRIVELETTER>\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Trek Online\Star Trek Online\Live\localdata
    Arc users:
    <DRIVELETTER>\Program Files (x86)\Star Trek Online\Live\localdata
    Standard Launcher users:
    <DRIVELETTER>\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios\Star Trek Online\Live\localdata
    3) Configure the installation how you like using the provided instructions.

    Before reporting nonworking stuff, take note:

    -Any major patch (usually a Release Notes post longer than the length of a standard Post-It! note) WILL break stuff temporarily. This is to be expected. The most common breakings are the additions of new ships.

    If you have a different problem (cosmetic or genunine functionality) then give us your:

    -Mod version (this will generally be announced)
    -Game shard version (not the game client version, this will be displayed at the top of your character login screen)
    -What lighting you're using (this can sometimes affect things)


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Recent Reviews

  1. William Michael Phillips
    William Michael Phillips
    Version: 3.3.5 - Minx and Inks
    Great Mod absolutly love it cant wait untill the next update
  2. linamia
    Version: 3.3.4 - Minx and Inks
    hi, been a long time since i have played sto am back and like the nude mods
  3. CptCrckpot
    Version: 3.3.0 - Minx and Inks
    Overall very nice. I love the additional options, though a few things don't quite work.