Slender Bod

Slender Bod 0.1

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Thinner torso and legs! That is all.

Due to my lack of skill and experience with mods, this currently only works for light skin (not pale, tan, or dark). It also doesn't support costumes (though it does coincidentally work with some of them and looks good. The skin color isn't a perfect match. I tried to use the existing guide as a template but still not good enough at Flash to make it match correctly. This was good enough for me, hopefully it's good enough for you!



My first attempt at a mod, so quality and comprehensiveness are a bit lacking. Hopefully someone with more experience and skill can take this and run with it. I've downloaded plenty, thought I should contribute something... especially since I've long wanted this mod for myself!
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do you have the .fla file?
I want to create some clothing pieces for a character using your mod.
Thank you for the share ;-)

The colour tone matches pretty good, I did some hue adjusting ingame and it still looks good. That means the user can pick whatever skintone desired and gets a nifty result.

All who appreciate especially the slender body type will rejoice. I recommend giving this mod a try.