mix of tats

file name format
[image/pose description] [location on body] [tat] - [rgb slider(s) used].swf

angel ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf
angel image on ass using second belly piercing rgb slider

i puts tats in body slot, find and replace >Body however you like

angel and devil thigh tat - tonguepiercing2 rgb.swf=Angel Devil tong2:CostumeTonguePiercing>Body:CostumeBottoms>Body

fairy thight tat - tonguepiercing2 rgb.swf=Fairy thigh Tong2:CostumeTonguePiercing>Body:CostumeBottoms>Body

leg raise thigh tat - tonguepiercing2 rgb.swf=Leg Raise thigh Tong2:CostumeTonguePiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

angel ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf=Angel ass Belly2:CostumeBellyPiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

bikini girl ass - bellypiercing1,2 rgb.swf=Bikini ass Belly12:CostumeBellyPiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

leg raise ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf=Leg Raise ass Belly2:CostumeBellyPiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

peach mud flap ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf=Mud Flap ass Belly2:CostumeBellyPiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

pose ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf=Pose ass Belly2:CostumeBellyPiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

squat ass tat - bellypiercing2 rgb.swf=Squat ass Belly2:CostumeBellyPiercing>Body:CostumePanties>Body

angel calf tat - nipplepiercing1 rgb.swf=Angel calf Nipp1:CostumeBottoms>Body:CostumeNipplePiercing>Body

fairy right calf tat - nipplepiercing1 rgb.swf=Fairy calf Nip1:CostumeBottoms>Body:CostumeNipplePiercing>Body

squat calf tat - nipplepiercing1 rgb.swf=Squat calf Nip1:CostumeBottoms>Body:CostumeNipplePiercing>Body

angel right arm tat - eyewear2 rgb.swf=Angel shldr Eye2:CostumeEyewear>Body:CostumeTop>Body

bikini girl right arm - eyewear1,2 rgb.swf=Bikini shldr Eye12:CostumeEyewear>Body:CostumeTop>Body

fairy shoulder tat - eyewear2 rgb.swf=Fairy shldr Eye2:CostumeArmwear>Body:CostumeEyewear>Body

peach mud flap shoulder tat - eyewear2 rgb.swf=Mud Flap shldr Eye2:CostumeEyewear>Body:CostumeTop>Body

pose shoulder tat - eyewear2 rgb.swf=Pose shldr Eye2:CostumeEyewear>Body:CostumeTop>Body

squat shoulder tat - eyewear2 rgb.swf=Squat shldr Eye2:CostumeEyewear>Body:CostumeTop>Body
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