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Restore N' Patch 1.3.2

For those who still want to discuss modding after the forum goes down, there's the BDO NSFW discord, if the forum never comes back, I'll be posting updates to the modding tools there (when I do have an update to post that is).
Permanent invite link: Join the BDO NSFW Discord Server!
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- Signed (should address the issue with Meta Injector).
- Small anti-measure for the hash flagging of XIGNCODE.
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- Rebuilt/ re-release (should address XIGNCODE "detection").
- Should address the issue where the program would proceed to the patching process before it was supposed to (when the launcher is relaunched due to an update, affects NA/EU non-Steam).
- Game process/launcher search timeout increased from 5 to 60 seconds.
- Fixes launcher reopens not being detected.
- Fixed automatic switch to "idle mode" when the launcher isn't found.
- Added the -patch argument which will force a re-patch of the files even if there wasn't an update.
- Added the -launcher "path" argument - allows the specification of a custom launcher path (for regions besides NA/EU, the launcher path has to be within quotes, ex: -launcher "C:\Path\To\The\Launcher.exe").
- Added the -dontwait argument which makes the program proceed even if the launcher has yet to close, this is automatically activated for the Steam client.
- If there wasn't an update but the "patched" meta is clean, files will now be automatically patched instead of forcing the user to manually perform the patches (or use the newly added -patch argument).
- Fixed the issue where the program would fail to start if the last patched backup that was created was corrupted.
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- The program will pause on errors so that they could be more easily reported.
* Compiled against BDO Toolkit 1.2.0, hence version 1.2.0 or higher is required.

- Will now automatically default to "idle mode" if the launcher is not found.
- Fixes a possible conflict.