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Resorep 1.7.0

This update should improve hooked game performance - increase FPS and reduce stuttering. Especially for non-SSD users. What's new in 1.7.0:
  • Starting from 1.7.0 Resorep does not check files in modded textures folder every time a game loads any texture. It reads list of files in the modded textures folder only once at game start. Then it reads a specific modded texture file only if game loads corresponding texture. To get back old behavior enable mod creator mode in advanced settings (will negatively affect game performance but Resorep will see any added files in modded textures folder without game restart).
  • Starting from 1.7.0 Resorep does not write dll log by default. To get the log you should enable the mod creator mode and enable dll log checkbox.
  • Starting from 1.7.0 Resorep uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous usage statistics for me. You may disable this (and make me sad) in advanced settings dialog.
Thanks to Rainer for contributing x86 support for Resorep's dll.
  • Added support to read textures encrypted by modders. If you want to encrypt your modded textures - drop me a private message
Resorep now uses DirectXTex library. Thanks to it Resorep is now able to capture and override many different DirectX texture formats. For modding purposes I recommend using Intel(R) DDS Plugin for Photoshop ( which is also based on DirectXTex.
  • Added Rise of the Tomb Raider support
  • Changed hashing algorithm - old texture names are not compatible with that version
  • Made Resorep tolerant to some noise in textures
New features:
  • You may now change modded texture resolution as lon as you keep original aspect ratio. E.g. use 4096x4096 skin texture instead of 1024x1024
  • You may add arbitrary text to modded texture files. To do that place ~ symbol after number in file name and add your text after ~. E.g. "123456789~Nice". But please do not place different files with same number into modded textures folder.
  • Update check will show a popup when you launch resorep.jar if new version is available.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed issues with non English paths to modded/original texture folders and to dll log file
  • Hooking reliability is improved. It is harder to create dll mess in your bin64 folder now.
1.1.1 - fixed one type of game crashes
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1.1 - fixed "Failed to load d3d11.dll" for some people, added Win 10 version of DLL
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1.0.1 - fixed bug with dll settings update
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