Simple update to fix some of the missing Icons and make minor adjustments to all characters.
Fixed clipping of textures on Naotora's Chest Mole.
Changed DLC packs to be a bit more simple to use.
Made a minor fix to over half of the Meshes to get rid of some ugly shapes around the breasts and butt.
Moved the Costume Slot used up to the highest one I could on several of the Girls.
So as often happens in Modding, you think you've done it all and its perfect, then BOOM something you forgot about is broken.

This is a super-minor bugfix for Honoka, so she does not have any seams around the waist or wrists, its such a small fix and I caught it in under 48 hours, that it doesn't deserve a new Version number even.

Sorry for the trouble! please re-download!