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NickyWorld BDO v4 by PrincessNicky

Pack of mods for use with Abropo's armor mod method and Resorep

  1. PrincessNicky
    I decided to make a pack of all my mods so far for BDO female costumes and armors, including some pieces I've not uploaded previously.
    It's a one-stop-shop containing basebody textures as well as mods for many of the current costumes and armors in BDO EU/NA.
    There is a lot of partial nudity in these mods.
    To use them correctly you need to be using Abropo's armor mod method, which you can learn how to set up here:
    Abropo's BDO armor mods | Undertow
    Inserting the mods into the game is done using Ray Wing's Resorep texture replacer which you can learn how to set up here:
    [Tool] Resorep - DirectX 11 texture replacer | Undertow
    Extract the contents of the download to your Resorep "modded" folder.
    Please remember that the modding method used here requires the PAD00001.PAZ file to be swapped out.
    Although there are loads of mods here, using this pack does not prevent you from using other mods as well or instead. If you have some favorite mods (including different basebody nudes), you can simply back them up before unzipping this download into your Resorep "modded" folder and then put your backup files back in on top. Just overwrite existing files with your prefered ones.