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BDO Basebody Nudes v2 by PrincessNicky

Provides the mod files needed to remove underwear and show nude bodies for females

  1. PrincessNicky
    This is a convenient package of mods to give current female classes in Black Desert Online EU/NA a naked basebody.
    It is intended for use with other mods (just as they are you will only see the nude body in the character creation screen when you click on the underwear clothing option) and should be inserted into the game using Ray Wing's Resorep texture replacer which you can get details of here:
    [Tool] Resorep - DirectX 11 texture replacer | Undertow
    Credit for the nude textures goes to Joku as the ones included here are mostly unchanged from the ones in this topic:
    Joku's Black Desert Online - Nude Skins | Undertow
    Extract the contents on the download to your Resorep "modded" folder.
    The mods will work perfectly with standard modding and other methods such as Abropo's armor mod method.