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Wtf dude this looks really cool, but installing this is rocket sience...

please make a better tutorial, so even mortals can understand this
Grateful! Thank you. I'll take that one and another variants)
Great work! Happy to see my favourite VRAINS girl in SDT at last :)
Hello! Awesome mod! Any chance we got a bug fix update, or maybe a new version (v2)? Please keep updating this great mod. Thank you!
Great stuff! Just curious, what are the boots used in the screenshot, and where would I find them?
This is exactly what I was hoping you'd do. A less saturated blue is perfect.
Thanks for having done it man ! It's nice to feel heard :)
I think there will no be Booty Edition V2 in the future. It is a good idea but I don't think so.
i get an error saying invalid settings key"" null.
This is impressive. Any chance of V2 ever being released?
What I've been looking for. Could you please upload black version?
The dialogue is great, but I am also having issues with the mod's positions.
Thank you! I love teach lesbian Lena how to worship cock and this will help.
Very nice mod, I downloaded it for vanilla, and for some reason he hair is messed up, so could you please figure out how to fix it
This hair uses extended physics which requires the loader. You could always try the original static version by Teadium, though it still has the goggles. If you want I could remove the goggles from the static version, just let me know.
Nice idea but who the hell eats a banana with the peel ? Maybe you could try a version with the banana peeled to the middle ? Just throwing an idea...
As of people that have problem with Xigncode3
this mod still work just fine but it just tedious
here is how i did it
1.install the mod as usual
2.after that runthe game like normal and see in game that your mods are working
3.then logout immediately
4.delete all mod files in PAZ folder and here the list i remove
4.6.BDOToolkit Installer.exe
4.8.Meta Injector.exe
4.12.Restore N' Patch.exe
5.leave this file alone "pad00000.meta" and it's backups "pad00000[2562-06-03][540].meta.backup"
just so you know you have to reinstall mods on every pacth and this is boring part
unless auther fix it this is the way that i fix Xigncode3 kick you out when using mods
*hope that new version came up soon :)*
Good loader, even though i hate some of the features you added with this update such as anysizeher,(but i customiced my game a little through the files so thats not a problem to me anymore). And also i have a question how did you make the whipping and slapping option i searched every file i found just the position but the actual whipping and slapping mechanic i couldn't find it. Can you explain how you did it?
What didn't you like about anysizeher? I would have thought it only gives you more options, not less? What other features that were added did you hate? Also note that the older versions are still available for download so you can always go back to pre-sister.

I'm not sure I understand your question though. What do you mean by "how did I make the whipping option"? There's a button and when the button fires all it does is do is play a slap sound and has a hand release followed by a grab for the slap. For the whip I add the appropriate whip mark .swf. And of course I process the pain, pride, etc. data. What part are you curious about?
Good mod. Although, when I download this, I get Pickle Rick on a stick rather than just a regular pickle. Am I missing something?
Sorry. I just replaced with proper file.
whenever I launch the game, the window pops up then closes right away. idk how to fix this
Nice! Only problem I have is that the stripe under the boobs clips over them if you scale them in the upper range. But still very nice!
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