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I am absolutely loving this. My only thing is though (and it might be a PC issue) but is there some way to play a bit more optimised? I have to click things several times and often it doesn't register very well when doing things. It also feels a struggle to understand what I'm doing to get certain results (like the 0 Pride stuff, I don't know where to find things like that) and just feels there's a lot of input lag for me.
Sadly the button lag is a problem that I might not be able to fix. I've been looking into it again recently, and it just seems like the issue is buried deep in base SDT. Slave Bazaar is just a mod, and base SDT was never really meant to support something as beefy as Slave Bazaar. I'll keep trying to fix it, but I'm not hopeful. As for knowing what to do, there is a READMEFIRST.txt in the Slave Bazaar directory that gives some tips on what you need to do to break the slaves.
As for the four star rating, that suggests that 1 out of 5 mods on the site are better than Slave Bazaar. Which ones would you rank 5?
Good QoL tweak all around. Have to test it on some of my custom animtools positions which involve shaking some other part of her body than just the head, whether theres bugs or not.
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