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Very nice body mod, and will you create a version of this where it is vanilla
Very nice, for my request for the Predator dreadlock dynamic hair you won't need any references they are just dreadlocks that are smooth like tentacles
Nice mod! Could you tell me which mods you used for the overalls effect, please?
thanks! I found them here created by BrokenToaster:
They're listed as Suspenders
Very nice, and I was wondering if you could do a dynamic hair mod that has the female with the Predator drealocks
I love this cause I am a huge fan of anything mortal kombat, and I was wondering if you could do a mod that has her boots only and they are RGB for vanilla
Very nice, and were you planning on doing dynamic version of the hairs you uploaded?
Thanks! And no, I don't know how lol
I like the mod but not including the character code along with it is a little disappointing.
V5 doesn't seem to work for me as well as for several other people (
V4 is fine.
Nice!!! More girls hair from Persona 3 pls and other persona etc.
I really like them all
Nice!!! More girls hair from Persona 3 pls and other persona etc.
I really like them all
I know where this is from the studio Ghibli movie "Howl's Moving Castle"
For some reason I've been having a problem with this mod (I really like it otherwise!) When I open the mod in a hand job position, it turns the girl's index and middle finger on her right hand grey. I can send a pic if you like.
I really like this mod. There is how ever a small issue i have with it in it's current state. There is a clear white line that seprates the bottom from the top part. Anyway, thanks for the effort it's a really cool mod.
Great background. Do you happen to know where I can find the animtools position?
You can't since it's made by me and hasn't been uploaded. I got the same question on another background w/ another position and I said I'd upload a pack at some point. Still have a bunch of positions that are nice but need that last finishing touch. I'll get around to it sooner or later.
I am just wondring if you were gonna do a dynamic version of Grace Tyler
I want to produce that resource('◇')ゞ
This is really good. You even went above and beyond with creating multiple versions, well done! :D I'd definitely be interested in seeing more, if you're interested in making it. :)
Very nice, and if you are into female body mod, please try to do a mod that turns th r girl into an android with the segmented body joints
Incredible such an entertaining and sexy mod ! Ty for sharing it with us
This is like the new black!
I feel like a bit of a douche not giving this a 5, but the precum flashing not covering the entire screen is a non-negligible issue. Promise to change my rating if you figure that out.
Much respect!
Nothing can be done with the background coding. A new Loader mod needs to be made (not by me, I suck with ActionScript).
For Vanilla, this issue will never be solved, unless konashion releases a new version.
fantastic this is exactly what yugioh sdt is wanting i look forword to more monsters
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