High-Waist Micro Shorts

High-Waist Micro Shorts 2.0

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A variation of my other mod: High-Waist Shorts

I figured I'd make as many variations of my High-Waist Shorts mod, since it can be modified easily. Thought a skimpier version would be nice as well.

V 2.0 Graphics Improved V
HighWaistBootyShorts Preview.PNG

Low-Waist Comparison.png

HighWaistBootyShorts Low-Waist Preview.PNG

Fully RGB adjustable
-RGB slider 1 controls the base shorts color.
-RGB slider 2 controls the belt color, can also be made transparent to simulate no belt.
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  1. (2.0) Low-Waist Variant

    New slightly lower variant of the regular high-waisted micro shorts added. Also some slight...

Latest reviews

A few inches make quite the difference. Thanks for the lower waist version and even going the extra mile and doing it for the jeans and other shorts too :)
Couldn't ask for a better mod, i love all your highwaist mods i find them super sexy with cropped tops. I didn't even play this game anymore but you brought me back. Keep up the good work! Although i don't think a better version of this is possible ^^