H-LOD nude mod (DLC)

H-LOD nude mod (DLC) 1.0

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How do make work this file?The is no explain just a download
It's all briliant and awesome but I still miss nyotengu wings
Three Star! it not perfect but thank you never less for a link from thea another web site.
this is the DLC pack for n00b. recently I just graduate from my n00bishness. well, okay, I can only manage to simple usage of DLC Tool, Archive Tool, lnk_reshuffle, and ---C File Editor, nothing fancy like the masters here

I'm gonna pack me myself one nice pack of everything LOD made in SaafRats haha. even the jelly girl is got LOD. I mean Alpha-152
SaafRats does it again, with this latest mod giving more curve and appeal to the sexy female fighters of the game !