H-LOD nude mod (DLC)

H-LOD nude mod (DLC) 1.0

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This is H-LOD, a new nude mod for all DOA5 girls I've made using custom meshes and textures, based on Honoka's body.
This customized model has more vertex density over tits, ass, thighs and other body parts, providing an improved softness without being a hi-poly model, and fixing some little defects from the vanilla model.
This body has been carefully adapted to match with the skeleton of every girl on the game, keeping their original proportions, while retaining the characteristic features of Honoka's body: big tits and ass.
I've also created a set of custom body textures.
  • Bust size and shape for all the girls is "LOD" by default.
  • Honoka has 3 sizes: normal (NRM), LOD, and the new ULTRA-LOD
  • "Ghost tits": Associated with collision physics; the models retain physics from the original vanilla tits. There is no doa tool able to modify these parameters so far.
  • "High ankle bending": one of the most annoying problems on bare feet doa models, related to the skeleton. For some reason team ninja decided to make just one kind of base skeleton for each girl, considering that they wear high heels by default.
  • "merged toes": Another vanilla model issue.
  • The pussy mesh may look weird under certain circumstances (wide open legs). it's a weight related problem in that zone, a lot worse before.
  • There may be some other minor problems associated with neck seams, caused by slight tone differences.

  • timmyc, for his great DOA5ObjTmcConverter tool, which allowed me to edit my models in 3dsmax.
  • Dotouku, for his TMC tool suite, used to remove and insert meshes, and for his blender scripts.
  • sf234, For his texture tool, useful to insert and replace the custom textures
  • barbell, author of the pussy mesh in which I was inspired to make the pussy of this mod (inner labia). I say inspired because the mesh is quite different compared to the original now. I have also used his orignal inner labia texture, with some slight modifications.
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How do make work this file?The is no explain just a download
It's all briliant and awesome but I still miss nyotengu wings
Three Star! it not perfect but thank you never less for a link from thea another web site.
this is the DLC pack for n00b. recently I just graduate from my n00bishness. well, okay, I can only manage to simple usage of DLC Tool, Archive Tool, lnk_reshuffle, and ---C File Editor, nothing fancy like the masters here

I'm gonna pack me myself one nice pack of everything LOD made in SaafRats haha. even the jelly girl is got LOD. I mean Alpha-152
SaafRats does it again, with this latest mod giving more curve and appeal to the sexy female fighters of the game !

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