G-String Micro Thong

G-String Micro Thong V1.0

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Bottoms - Thong (1).png


- RGB Color: Bottoms - Thong

- Vanilla or Loader: Vanilla
- RGB Support or Solid Color: RGB 2
- Breast Slider Support: N/A

- Mod was made using both Bottoms template.

- This mod is RGB Hue Shiftable

Please feel free to review and rate this mod. To see more of my work, please check out the original thread here: https://www.undertow.club/threads/brokentoasters-real-clothing-mod-series-updated-7-10-2015.6298/.

A Few Notes about me and my mods:
1. The mods I make are rendered in the same fashion as the game. You wont see any photoshopped pictures here, all of them are handmade.
2. I use a 'false' boolean on all of my mods so you can stack them and get creative. I also try and break everything out separately so you can make a 'wardrobe' for you characters rather than having a fixed character costume.
3. I try my best to make proper RGB colors but sometimes its better looking to just have a fixed color. So if there is a specific color schedule you'd like to see my mods in, message me and I will do my best to get you what you'd like.
  • Bottoms - Thong (2).png
    Bottoms - Thong (2).png
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Perfect! As minimal as can get without looking weird. Works fine with moreclothing as is. Add the line

Bottoms - Thong.swf=Your name of choice:CostumeBottoms>CostumePanties

to the moreclothing settings file.

The mistake one might make (the on I made at least) is to assume that all mods are of the category you'd expect. The mod found at https://www.undertow.club/downloads/show-mod-info.1655/ will tell you what part(s) a clothing mod consists of.
does this mod work with moreclothing? i cant seem to get it to work with CostumeBottoms or CostumePanties

@ShadfanXXX All of my mods are made for the Vanilla version of SDT. Integration into MoreClothing would be in sby's territory and I'm not sure how that works. All said,I haven't heard of this issue yet with my other mods.

@sby any thoughts on getting this integrated into MoreClothing? I can get you the .fla files if needed. Alternatively, is there something I can do on my end to make these integrate more natively?
Nice! Always was hoping for a more "abbreviated" set of panties.

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