Fred's Fate

Fred's Fate HTML 1 - final

This is a visual novel. While it has sexual content, it is not a 'fuck fest' My intention is to tell a story. The story you read depends on choices you make.

After learning that his wife started divorce proceedings against him, Fred visits a web site offering a night of lust without emotional commitment. Fred will select one of four ladies for his night of passion, but the night will end up entirely different from what he expected.
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Pretty cool concept here! Four different girls, four different stories, all separate and all unlocked from the jump. I had to check this one out ASAP; luckily it didn't take up my whole day, heh. Still had plenty of fun though!

The graphics were good on the whole, and the best of them were pretty great. Jean and Cherry are very cute, and I really liked the animations for Daphne where their whole bodies got in on the action. Sounds were more of a mixed bag, but there were some sexy bits here and there. Gameplay was nice, with lots of two-way splits and even a minigame or two. Story was really good for Jean and not too shabby for the others, though those three felt a little samey.

The game could use a bit more polish, but the only real complaint I have is from a VN fan's perspective. VNs are long, sprawling, complex affairs where one choice can change the whole story (one of the reasons I'M not a VN fan). Here the choices are all pretty inconsequential - especially if you're savescumming, lol. That made the game better for me, but might make it less so for others.

All in all, pretty happy with this short-but-sweet game. Some of the good stuff is damn good and some of the story's downright touching. I know this says it's the final, but if you update or release a sequel I'll be here for it. Cheers!
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