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Edgy moves and actions 2020-05-23


This guide will explain each feature and what it does. It assumes an oral position for each explanation, but for the most part it should be understandable for other position types as well.
A button with -> at the end indicates that it will open a submenu, and buttons with <- at the beginning indicates that it will open a higher up or previous menu.
Some buttons can't fit all the text, I can't really help that, sorry.

---------- 0.0 TOP LEVEL ----------
The top level is where all the magic happens. Basically the main playing view.

- Menu->
This button stops all movement, hides his penis and opens a menu with several submenus. Think of it as if it were a menu button for any regular, not-porn game. The submenus are for setting a range of settings, see 1.0 MENU.

- Actions->
This button opens up a menu with several submenus. Any movement and random actions will still occur. Under each submenu there are buttons that will perform an action, once per click. More about each action under 2.0 ACTIONS.

- Soft/Medium/Hard
These buttons will start a move of each intensity, which will continue until it's randomly changed to another move of the same intensity, or the button is pressed again.

The cum buttons will not show up unless the Cum setting is set to ON.
- Cum outside
All movement stops, she pulls or is pulled off the penis, and he cums on her face. After a short while, the moves start again.

- Cum shallow
All movement stops, she throats the penis, and he cums in her mouth. Movement starts again after a short while.

- Cum deep
Same as Cum outside and Cum shallow, only she will take his cock to the base, and he will cum in her throat.

---------- 1.0 MENU ----------
The menu with all the settings. Movement is stopped and regular "gameplay" is paused.

- ^-Moves
Exits any menu. This button is present for all menus and submenus, and will always return directly to the top level. Movement and "gameplay" is resumed.

- Actions(%)->
Opens a menu with submenus, where an assortment of actions are loosely categorized. For each action, you can increase or decrease the chance of the action happening during regular gameplay.
To increase the chance by 10%, set his arm to Holding in the game menu, and press the corresponding button. To decrease the chance by 10%, set his arm to Free, and press the button. If the chance becomes more than 100%, it will reset to 0%, and other way around.
NOTICE! This works for every action except Swallow, where you can only increase the chance no matter where his hand is. This is because Swallow can be set to a special setting, CUM, where she will always swallow cum as long as there is some in her mouth.
Many actions can happen regardless of what the probability, for instance Tongue out can still happen if you set it to 0%. And conversely some actions can't happen in some circumstances, like she will never clench her teeth if she has a cock in her mouth.
For an explanation of what each action actually does, see 2.0 ACTIONS.

- Depth->
See 1.2 DEPTH

- Dialogue->

- Misc
See 1.4 MISC

- Load settings-> / Save settings->

---------- 1.2 DEPTH ----------
A menu where you can calibrate how deep she goes on the cock. AutoMove tries to determine where the tip, head and base of the cock is when the moves are generated. But this only works reliably for the very default position. If you use a custom position, the moves might miss, and you can end up with a situation where she doesn't even get the cock in her mouth during certain moves. This menu is meant to rectify that.

- Depth:<value>
This button shows the current depth, default is 0. Pressing this button will also reset the depth to 0.

- Shallower
This button will set the depth to a lower value to what it currently is, and will change the Depth button. Negative values are possible. It's basically current depth - 1.

- Deeper
Opposite of Shallower. Basically current depth + 1.

- Test
Starts a short sequence where you can see how the current depth affects the positioning of her on his cock. The most important part to notice is the first one, with the tip. If she deepthroats it during the tip part, decrease the Depth value. If she misses the cock, increase it.

---------- 1.3 DIALOGUE ----------
It's possible to combine custom dialogues with this one, but it requires a bit of work. There's a bunch of "dummy" lines at the end of the dialogue file, you can see them if you open it in a text editor. They correspond to most of the default dialogue lines, but are categorized into "dialogue_" and "dialogue_speak_" lines. The "dialogue_" lines are meant for when someone is thinking, or when he (or someone else, possible with sby's moremoods) is talking. The "dialogue_speak_" lines are exclusive for when her spoken lines. You have to replace those dummy lines with the corresponding lines from whatever dialogue you wish to use, and under this menu select the option that fits your lines best. If your dialogue of choice doesn't have a corresponding line, delete the dummy line so she doesn't think/say stuff like "first_dt". Notice that for "dialogue_speak_" lines you need to include the special characters and the [move_*varMove*] trigger to make things work as expected.
Note: I'm working on a more fluid experience with importing custom dialogues, but it's unfortunately not an easy task.

- <option> dialogue
Switches between the various dialogue options. The options are:
- No dialogue - no one says anything, everything is silent.
- Thought/Him dialogue - "dialogue_" lines are played whenever possible. Which should be almost all of the time, perhaps not if she's passed out.
- Speak dialogue - "dialogue_speak_" lines are played whenever possible, aka when her mouth is full of penis. I've designed the moves to not really leave her mouth ever, so expect lots of silence if you're using an oral position.
- Both dialogue - will play both kind of lines whenever possible. It basically checks if her mouth is occupied or not and plays "dialogue_" lines if it is, and "dialogue_speak_" lines if it's not. Which means that she almost never speaks in oral positions, and always speaks during non-oral positions. So I should mention that you can absolutely add thought/him lines to the "dialogue_speak_" lines so you get some variation if you want.
- Speak+ dialogue - nothing is played during regular moving, but she has a random chance to disengage the cock so she can speak "dialogue_speak_" lines. Selecting this option will enable the Speak:<value> button directly underneath, where the chance of her doing this is set.
- Both+ dialogue - same as Speak+, but "dialogue_" lines will be played when she's not disengaging.
None of the + options are recommended for non-oral positions, since they're not useful for that. They also require sby's dialogdisplayedit.

- Speak:<value>
Only visible if Speak+ or Both+ is chosen. This sets the chance of her stopping the move to talk. She will resume moving again after the line, as long as the [move_*varMove*] trigger is present at the end of the line.

- Moans:<value>
An alternative to normal dialogue, this is a collection of moans that plays out randomly. You can use both moans and a regular dialogue side by side.
Requires sby's dialogdisplayedit.

- Hearts:<value>
The chance of a moan having a written heart, indicating that she loves it.

---------- 1.4 MISC ----------
An assortment of settings that didn't fit elsewhere.

- Cum block:<ON/OFF>
If this is set to ON, he will be unable to cum by himself. Instead, three buttons will appear during the gameplay, where you can select where he will cum.
If set to OFF, he will cum as he would do normally.

- Fill her:<ON/OFF>
If cum block is enabled, this will make sure that he fills her mouth completely up before letting go. Does nothing if the position isn't oral.
Note that this feature have been known to create lag or frame rate issues, so beware of that.

Determines if or how she can pass out from being not able to breathe.
- OFF - she will never pass out.
- ON - she passes out like she would have done vanilla. Note that since the moves actually don't let her breathe, she can pass out pretty quick.
- CHOKE - when she starts to choke, there's a 25% chance she'll regain a lot of breath. But she can still pass out, and if she does, there's a 25% chance she'll wake up by herself.
- PAUSE - when she's almost passing out, there's a 25% chance she'll slowly disengage the cock so she can breathe. She will remain stationary until another move is triggered, either randomly (see the Random button) or by pressing the Soft/Medium/Hard button. She can still pass out, but rarely. This one is kinda WIP.

- Random:<value>
The odds of the game automatically changing the current move for you. Like the actions, holding her increases the chance, while it decreases if his arm is set to free.

---------- 1.5 SAVE AND LOAD SETTINGS ----------
Dialogueactions has this neat feature where you can store certain variables into a file, which you can load even after closing the game. And there are a lot of variables in this dialogue. So instead of having to manually edit the text file to keep your favorite settings, you can store them with the save menu. There are 7 slots, and they correspond to the number on the button. But there's also a custom slot, which will use whatever is entered in the Dialogue name box under the game's Custom menu. If you enter Bob there, the settings will be stored to a different file than if it says Banana. But you need to have the same name entered when you want to load that specific settings file.
Which settings are stored, you ask? All of them. The chance of her gagging, the chance of her passing out, the chance of her starting to masturbate, even the current moveset, and so on. So, everything.
The file itself located in a temp folder for the flash player, which can be different for different computers and operating systems. If you really need to find the specific file, do a search for "edgymovesvars".

---------- 2.0 ACTIONS ----------
When this button is pressed, the moves will continue like in the top level. But there are some submenus here where you can click a button to perform an action, once per click. Some of these aren't available for the Actions(%) menu, mostly because they wouldn't make sense there. These exceptions are noted.
Most buttons for actions are pretty self-explanatory. If you're unsure of what it does, try pressing the button and see what happens. This guide won't

- Arms->
All the actions for arms.

--- <Left/Right/Both> arm(s)
Indicates which arm(s) the buttons below applies to. Some actions can only performed with certain arms, so the buttons will not show up if the selected arm can't do it. None of these options are available in the Actions(%) menu.
- Right arm can rub him, or it can be put on her breast.
- Left arm can be put on her crotch, or her breast, or it can masturbate her.
- Both arms can be put on his crotch, or her breasts.

--- Tap hands
She will tap her hands, unless they're already doing something funky.

- Eyes->
All the actions for her eyes. All of these available in the Actions(%) menu so they can be performed randomly.

- Mouth ->
All the actions regarding her mouth.

--- Close mouth / open mouth
Will close or open her mouth. Note that her jaw looks very broken if the penis enters her mouth when it's closed. That's why these aren't available for the Action(%) menu.

--- Clench teeth.
She will clench her teeth for a very short while. If her mouth is full of cock, she won't be able to do this.

- Body->
All the actions for either her or his body.

--- Pass out
Makes her unconscious. She will not wake up again until she gets to breathe, either manually or if you've selected CHOKE or PAUSE in the Misc menu. Not available for Actions(%) menu, since there's already another option for it elsewhere.

--- Ejaculate (him)
Makes him do a simple spurt. Basically a simpler form of the cumblock feature, so this isn't available in the Actions(%) menu.

--- Ejaculate (her)
Makes her cum. This can also happen if she's masturbating.

--- Slap her
Moves his hand to make it look like he's slapping her. She also winces, and lose some of her breath from the shock.

- Sounds ->
A collection of sounds. All of these are available for the Actions(%) menu, but Oh (soft), Ah (hard), Ah and Ow! will only be played if her mouth is unoccupied. Also, those sounds will never be played at the same time, so you don't get double voices.
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