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- Updated quickbms scripts with the changes made by Garkin: Now all the files that were unreadable after you extract them in the previous versions, are now readable.
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New Features:
Browse ALL the folders and ALL the files of the game and choose exactly the files you want to extract:
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You can find a specific file you want to extract without having to go through all the folders to find it.
The search allows you to search multiple files at once, as well, search by extension, and even search all the files that has a certain pattern.

Here's some of the features of the search:
For multiple files, separate them by commas.

If you want to list all the files from from an extension, do it like this:
    *.xml,*dds,*pac - Will give you all the files with the extension .xml or .dds or .pac

If you want to list only the files that are in a specific folder, do this:
     character/*.xml  This will give you all the files .xml located in the folder "character/"

You can search for parts of the file name, doing this:
     *_00_ub_0001.pac  This will give you all the files that ends with "_00_ub_0001.pac"

You can also do this to find all the armor parts:
     phw_00_*_0001.pac  This will give you: phw_00_ub_0001.pac,phw_00_lb_0001.pac,phw_00_hand_0001.pac,...
     (Basically the character * makes the program ignore what's between the words it separates)

Extract the whole game

If you are familiar with the "Fast Extraction" method from the "File Extractor", this uses the same method,

  • It extracts 100% of the game files (some .xlsm and can still be unreadable though).
  • It displays how many files were already extracted, and what percentage of the extraction is already completed.
Real Outfit and Armor Names Listing

Press "N" to toggle between the "Real Names" and the "File Names" when browsing armor files.

This feature uses a .txt file located in "Paz\patcher_resources\" and it's called "real_names.txt":
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  • The left side accepts the same things as the "search" in this tool.
  • You can add more into this file, obeying the same pattern and the tool will automatically recognize it the next time you launch it.
  • # is interpreted as a comment and the entire line is ignored
I didn't check if all the file names are correct. If you find any mistake, feel free to post them here and I can fix it in a future release.

As it is written in the program, here's what each color represents:
When not browsing the Outfit and Armors:

  • Green: It's a folder
  • White: It's a file

When browsing the Outfit and Armors:

  • Magenta: Cash-shop Item
  • Blue: Non-Cash-Shop Item
  • Green: Class-Exclusive Item

Yellow: If you have at least 2 backups in your Paz folder, the tool compares the files that are present in your previous backup, with the ones that are present in your game right now. The new files that were added in the newest update, are sown as Yellow:
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File Extraction to Folder with Meaningful Names

View attachment 63182
Now every time you extract a file that has a "Real Name", the folder it's extracted uses that name, as long as which class it belongs. (See picture above for more details)

Change the order the files are displayed

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Now to make it easier to find the files you want, you can sort them by:

  • File Name
  • Real Name
  • Most Recent
  • Extension
And choose if you want them sorted in a "ascendant" order, or a "descendant" order.

Sorting by "Most Recent" simply sorts them by "File Number" (The order they were added in the game by the developers, at least in theory). So using "Most Recent - Descendant" will give you better chances to find the file from the newest outfit for example.

Multiple File Selection Made it Easy

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Do you want to select multiple files like you are holding "Shift" if you were using a File Explorer? You can do that now by using the key "S" to select both the current file the cursor is pointing and the file bellow.
If you selected more that you wanted by any chance, you can undo that selection by pressing "W".

Extract All The Outfit Parts At Once

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Have you ever wanted to extract all the parts of the armor at once (Upperbody, Lowerbody, Shoulder, etc)?
Well, now you can.
Every time you are in the "9_upperbody" folder of any class, when you try to extract one or more files, after prompting where do you want to extract the files to, it asks you if you want to do just that.
If you press 'y' or 'Y' it will extract not only the _ub_ file, but also all the other that are from the same outfit your selected, and then, when it's done, it will open the folder where extracted everything.
-Fixed crash after the latest KR update
- When you preview a file, the program now creates a folder for each different file you extract, and the folder contains only .pac file and texture file related to that armor part. Also, when all the files are extracted, the program automatically opens the extracted folder for you.
- Changed the "Back" button from "Backspace" to "Esc"
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Fixed file browsing menu showing negative values and scrambled words
- The cursor position is now restored after you preview a file.
- Texture names discovery algorithm optimized to make less mistakes.
- The program now closes the .pac file after extracting the textures so it can be deleted from the "extracted_files" folder without having to close the program.
- Support added for long file paths, reduces the crashes when executing the commands.
- Compatibility with the Taiwan version of the game
- Increased maximum supported length for file paths
- Added a yellow message informing where the files are extracted to when you preview them.
- Works with the KR version without crashing this time.
- Dark Knight is now added to the list of the files you can browse.
- If you are using the KR version, the tool can now detect 100% of the files of the game (You still will only be able to browse the categories I created though)
- 3 new options to browse available for each class:
  • Weapons
  • Body Meshes
  • Head Meshes
- Reference file no longer required
- Fixed crash when filling file blocks
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