Black Desert Online - Outfit and Other Costume Mods by Suzu

Black Desert Online - Outfit and Other Costume Mods by Suzu 2018/2/17

suzu ( 鈴 )
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Latest updates

  1. Organize UW relationships including Futanari

    It divided into main content and sub content. Subcontent= Futaba On, Stocking Off
  2. Christmas present

    Since Mystic has been updated to NA and JP, I will update the costume mod.
  3. This is Black Desert in my world

    It is culmination of so far. It is a costume mods that I am currently using. Breast size data is...

Latest reviews

i want to this mod. so i instoll this mod to use meta injecktor.
but, some costums load the hole.
whats ploblems?
suzu ( 鈴 )
suzu ( 鈴 )
Download the modified partcutdesc.xml from the top post.
Very beautiful. You are great to have made this.
But two conspiracies overlap.
I do not know how to fix it. Can you tell me how to fix it?
The maid just wears shoes nude and makes it more sexy, not clothes
Basically perfect, but is there an easy way to remove the pubic hair? I can't figure it out, and I do like 'em shaved
it so Amazing!

i find this mods, so long time....

but now im happy!
This kind of works deserve to high rate. No matter what, I will give high five :)
This outfit mod is outstanding! Please continue to make more and update!