Billy's Earring Pack

Billy's Earring Pack 1.1

Two (three) "New" Earrings:
MediumCross: Same as small cross, just a bit bigger.
RingEarringsRowPairing: Same as RingEarringsRow, but the earring on the earlobe is removed, allowing it to be paired with any other earrings.

All earrings' outlines have been thinned, brightened, and made more transparent; typically the earrings will be brightly colored (silver, gold, pink, etc.). The outlines didn't need to be as dark as they were.

EncasedGemEarrings are no longer animated; and as such, is no longer counted as an earring in-game. The original animated earring is still in the download, with the non-animated one with it as well.
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