• Compatibility fixes for 1481.
  • Added sub-weapon toggle button to old equipment window.
  • Fixed group chat leave button not working as intended.
  • Compatibility fixes for 1470-1473.
  • Fixed amity minigame not opening from dialog.
  • Turned the redundant "Close" button in the group chats menu to a "Leave" menu which was removed in this update.
  • Added the setting "Disable group chat auto-join" under "Misc." (off by default).
  • Compatibility fixes for 1466.
  • Compatibility fixes for 1462.
  • Fixed worker feeding.
  • Added "Revert workers menu", "Revert worker hire menu" and "Revert worker auction menu" settings to the "UI" category under "Untested".
  • Compatibility fixes for 1459.
  • The "Revert inventory" and "Revert equipment" settings under the "UI" category have a new home under the "Restored" header.
  • Fixed a number of errors when opening, browsing and closing the new inventory (only tested with the new equipment window also enabled).
  • Fixed a few errors with "Revert blacksmith" disabled (new repair enabled), not fully tested.
  • Added "Revert skill addons menu" and "Revert character tag" settings to the "UI" category under the "Untested" header.
  • Prevent potential errors that could be caused by the family inventory.
  • Fixed an issue causing non-selectable quest rewards to sometimes have unintended slot properties (i.e. wrong item border color).
  • Fixed an issue that caused scrolling in the settings menu to sometimes misbehave.
  • Added setting "Revert object placement (farms, war items, etc)" to category "UI" under header "Untested", on by default (current behavior).
  • Fixed an issue that caused only one selectable quest reward to appear.
Starting this week I can no longer promise further updates, including compatibility updates.
My work modding games has always revolved around my interest in them, and when I get bored I typically move on.

I'm sad to say that once again my interest in the game has plummeted, my main interest with the game has always been PvP, and I was and still am a fan of the CC rework, but the direction the devs are taking the game in is backtracking what I think was a very positive and healthy change for the game, removing permanent SA rotations and adding skill to the PvP system by making class knowledge mandatory for consistent PvP wins (mostly in small scale).

Sadly every addition to PvP since then has completely disregarded that, the rework removed nearly all protected CCs, nearly all "lingering" CCs (CCs that apply on multiple or any hit) and removed all permanent SA rotations, since then we got Archer who has both protected and lingering CCs, Shai who's just the same, even if she doesn't deal much damage, successions and Guardian that added much of the same, alongside incredibly high damage that playing for CCs just became pointless as one or two skills can bring most players from 100 to 0. We got Hashashin who, while doesn't have "protected" CCs per se, does have instant-cast ones that you couldn't possibly react to (a version of block jump faster than block jump).
We got class buffs, but strong classes got even stronger, got more protections, more CCs, more damage, new cancels, shorter cooldowns, while that's something nearly every class received, many classes got a nudge while some classes like Warrior and Sorceress got buffed time and time again to deal even more damage, have even more CCs and more cancels, and move even faster, some changes even went undocumented in the patch notes, such as the hits of Sorceress' Blade of Darkness being lingered, which has happened during the same update that buffed it's damage, this is an issue because every hit deals CC and attempts to downsmash, that means that around a Blade's explosion one may not be unprotected for around 2 seconds or they would get hit by knockback, and it also means that Sorceress' downsmash reset combo is significantly easier to perform.
And with this week's update, my most despised addition has gone live, BON skills, or with the NA/EU naming, "Core" skills, 6 protected CC skills to every awakening, only one can be chosen, and there's no indication which one is chosen, so you roll a dice versus your opponents to see which new CC or protection they've selected to add to their protected or CC skill, respectively (most of those skills are just the pre-CC rework behavior), and it gets even worse as one can easily switch their selection while they have a skill reset active.
Besides protected and lingering CCs being brought back, my biggest issue with the succession and Core skills systems is that you can't tell most skills apart, animations are reused, effects are identical or nearly identical, and even if not, many players tend to disable them, that is an issue in general but most notably with classes that tend to use both preawakening and succession versions of skills (Wizard, Ranger). There's also no new stance to separate successions from preawakening so you may not be able to immediately tell what an opposing player might have available as you engage.

I have not enjoyed the game as much as I used to since successions were released, but a few months ago (which is when I also did a lot of work on Better Stats) I sought the things I did still enjoy, but even that was ruined with the class buffs and now Core skills, and unless those are reverted, nerfed and/or removed and the CC rework reinforced, I can't see myself investing much or any time to play the game let alone work on modding it.
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  • Compatibility fixes for 1450.
  • Fixed some quest rewards not appearing correctly after last week's (1444) update.
  • Added EXP percentage to CP EXP quest rewards tooltips.
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  • Compatibility fixes for 1444.
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