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BDO Toolkit 1.3.0

- The installer has been touched up a little for the first time since release.
- Version policy not included in this release, this means programs targetting older versions of the library will not be using this update. This is done to encourage users to update to the latest version of all of the provided tools. The next update which will include automatic updates will also not include the version policy, back to normal after that.
- Performance improvements when asked to refresh the meta file's contents.
- Performance improvements when saving modifications (rework still needed).
- Performance improvements when checking for modifications.
- Fixed file extraction possibly corrupting the file when attempting to clean up the file's data.
- Fixed an optimization issue causing files with the same name to not be detected properly.
* Minor breaking changes, recompilation of affected programs is needed.

- Improved legacy patching support, although far from complete. Unintended behaviors may still occur.
- Added Paz property to the FileBlock class.
- Added property LegacyMods to class MetaFileInfo.
- Performance improvements when attempting to locate file blocks.
- Bug fixes.
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