BDO Hyper Breasts for Shai

BDO Hyper Breasts for Shai 2019-11-05

Not really my thing so won't be supporting this much but I've already made it so it would be a waste not to share it



A couple notes, there are some small black areas, these are where a face crosses some kind of seam I think. I made them small enough to be mostly invisible but if you edit the mesh, be wary of messing with the areas with unusually high poly count below and to the outside of the areolas as well as behind the breast on the same Y axis (in Blender - not sure if other programs label axes differently).
Also, I don't know how to properly edit the normal map so there are weird jagged shadows behind the breasts and in the cleavage. If anyone knows how to rectify it and is interested in helping, please drop me a PM or feel free to fix and upload
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