Apollion's Bazaard hairs

Apollion's Bazaard hairs

Hoy, During doing nothing, I like make hairs mod, cuz its the only thing i know make ;-;
so i've made projects who I lefted because i didn't liked them, so i will post them here (Tell me again if its the good place to put pls ._. )

Here some Tests i've made :

2 Ankha hair test
Ankha Hair Made By Apollo !.png

Ankha Test.png

astronaut :

scp 035 :

2 cosmo hair test (the alien girl from sonic X and btw the love of tails) :
cosmo test 2.png

Cosmo test.png

a other verision of mad mewmew (who i like it actualy (☆▽☆) ) :
Mad mewmew test.png

Btw if you guys want to use, or even make them looks beter by editing them, go ahead ^^, I just want to be show as the original creator

sure thing i will add more hairs later in this post ^^
well uh good bye B)

btw did you , see luigi ?
where is luigi..PNG
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