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Hello, I've recently discovered this game and I'm quite literally nuts for it. Since I'm a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, I've downloaded all YGO girl mods I could find here, ad even drew a couple myself. So I figured "might as well have others enjoy them too". I could upload more in the future, but I won't make promises about it.

Links are the names in the headers.


RinRay AkabaRuri KurosakiMasumi Kotsu
86363 86362 88307 Masumi.png


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Nice, Masumi was one of my favourite gals from ARC-V! I was wondering though, have you got any plans for Emma from VRAINS? Also nice new page set up!


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As a Yu-gi-oh fan you may be interested in a Mai Valentine audio dialogue I just published - HERE> It's the Megan Hollingshead voice.


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It's been longer than usual, but I come back with four times the normal goodness: Emma Bessho from VRAINS, including 2 Ghost Girl versions and even her ponytailed self from a couple of episodes showing her comfy at home! :cool:

As always, link in the first post.