Voltron: Legendary Defender girls


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Oct 6, 2012
intruder007 intruder007

Glad you're happy. I decided to do another one. Don't take that as a commitment to work through the list. I wanted to learn Inkscape anyway and figured I might as well try to make someone else happy in the process. Really happy with this one. It was more complex and came out looking cleaner imo. Unlike the last one this one can easily be recolored if you want adjustments in that department. If you do, figure out the RGB codes using paint or whatever and reply with them here. Don't forget outline colors as well.

Not to be taken too seriously. I believe in learning by doing so just take this for what it is.

Have 3 layers for each element. Fill at the bottom, shade in the middle, lines on top. That way you can just copy the outline into the shade and fill layers and edit it down and not have to retrace the damn thing when you want shade on top of fill but below outline. My first Inkscape hair I had to color as a bitmap because the vectors were an ungodly mess.

Also the headache with hair above/below the ear just vanishes if you can do the coloring in Inkscape.

Amazing work, my friend. :)
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