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The Final Summoning by Rob

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Rob, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Feb 2, 2015
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    As so many children, she too was afraid of ghosts and demons and any number of unholy beings that may summon themselves from whatever realm they come from in order to torment her. Yet as scared as she was, she also had a certain fascination with these creatures of mythology. And so as an adult; in complete secrecy, for it was the custom and the law of her times; she studied the absolutely ancient writings of so many centuries ago. She wanted to conquer her fear of such mythological beasts by learning to control them. While the ancient texts of course gave her no help whatsoever in the actual summoning of these horrible things, what they did do was influence and guide her use of technology to create these creatures so that she might study them and ultimately conquer her fear. And thus using the technology of her time and the imaginations of times past did she yet create these “demons.”

    Her first clone, or robot, or hologram, or piece of software –call it what she may– was a ghost. A simple creation. Not much more than a hovering, slightly transparent figment. As it was her earliest fear she was of course shocked at what she had created when she first saw it. But as it had done nothing more beyond what she had summoned or programmed it to do, she felt at ease. She could now only go further with her “research” as it were.

    Soon she used the fictitious writings of the past to give very real life to a whole score of creatures. She created demons, werewolves, vampires, zombies, Sasquatches, yetis, and a countless number of other horrors from folklore. Her fear was completely gone and her curiosity of the occult was likewise endless. And with the time she was living in, she finally had the technology to “summon” these things. But she wanted more. She wanted them to be more real. And so despite breaking the law and even her own sense of what was sane to do, she gave her creations (or summonings) only the highest level of artificial intelligence. While they took on a life of their own it still was not enough to satisfy her wonder. Why did people in the past fear these particular creatures so much?

    It wasn't enough. She needed more information. It simply wasn't enough. She simply needed more information. It took her some time but she eventually got her hands on every religious text she could find. And of course she studied them all thoroughly. She analyzed all the human fears and hopes embodied within the beings she read about. I need not say more about what intelligences she strained to create next.

    Once the first of her most powerful creations took form, she realized the magnitude of what she had done but could not bring herself to stop her “research." The gods she had created soon grew to a power beyond her control –just as she had intended. At first this was of no consequence just as the lesser creatures of folklore had been before. So she... “summoned” more gods.

    But they were not true gods in the sense of the word, of course. They were merely her creations. And they knew it. They knew exactly what they were and what purpose they fulfilled. Unlike her, they knew their creator intimately well. And they were angry. Angry at what they were, angry at what she had done, angry at what tools she used to create them, angry at what human ideas gave them their intellectual essence, and utterly angry at her and the cages she had thus built for them. And with their limited power they took their revenge not on her physical world (as normal gods would have done) but on her mind instead.

    For days they tormented her sleep. No nightmare she had had before was comparable to what she saw in the presence of the “gods” she had created. She awoke screaming more than she ever had before. She desperately tried to silence them, but she just couldn't. And though she thought her waking hours would finally bring some relief, they soon attacked her there too.

    But one day. That ONE day a year. That ONE day, the power went out. And for that ONE day all her creations and gods were finally silent. Everything around her was dark but she felt only the deepest comfort in this. The angry voices of the gods she herself had created were finally gone from her mind for a moment. She then couldn't help but break down and cry. At first she screamed and let it all out. Then she just curled up in a corner and cried. What had she done? What was she thinking “summoning” such powerful beings? She realized that at any moment the power could come back on and she cried even more. But in this brief moment of silence she knew she had to pull herself together and figure out a way to destroy these “gods” permanently.

    And thus she created her own god on paper. A god of reason; a god of human progress. Her tools were so advanced it wasn't difficult for her to convert paper to algorithm (or incantation, as it may have been). She conceived of a machine-like god. A god covered with technology. A god literally built to destroy the others of lore from centuries long past. But yet as mechanical as this new “god” was, she made sure to make him human enough to understand her needs. She just BARELY managed to finish this “human” side of her machine-god when the power returned. When she saw the lights turn on she couldn't help but scream because she knew what would happen soon. Yet she pushed on and desperately translated her scribblings to this new and final “summoning.” And it worked.

    In her own mind she saw the other gods arrive and try to attack her once again. But they barely had started their approach when her new machine-god stood in front of her. He towered over her, looking at the others, and held his ground. Covered with devices and weapons, he stood calm and still. The other gods, though confused, charged forward. She screamed again.

    He grabbed the first creation, a girl with long black hair and a white dress, and twisted her neck backwards with a large vise. The second one, an enormous fat man, he dealt with buy cutting his huge belly open with a laser and letting his blood drain out. For the third, he grabbed a chainsaw, held her down, and cut her many arms off. The fourth spent all his time being worshiped nailed to a cross and so he grabbed him and nailed him to an electric chair and executed him. And whatsoever other gods she had created so too did he kill them with various human tools proclaiming, “Your time is over” after every instance. He killed her lesser creations too, though less harshly.

    And then he turned around and looked at her, expressionless. She was terrified. Both that her plan had worked but also at what he might do to her now as she was the ultimate “god.” He simply looked at her and said “I'm not finished with what I was made to do” and pulled out a shotgun. He pointed it at her first. She covered herself up in fear, save for some space in-between her fingers over her eyes so that she could see what he might do. He placed the shotgun up to his chin and pulled the trigger. And with this all of her “gods” or “creations” or “summonings” were gone. She simply curled herself up and cried. But this time it was from relief. Never again would she dabble in such as this.

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