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PulseGirl (I) - Unwilling - Prologue

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by fabu00, Oct 7, 2014.

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    This novella is for adults 18 years old and above who are not easily offended. This super-heroine in sexual-peril story has explicit violence and sex.
    It depicts the dark side of super-heroine stories.

    The sharp impact on the back of my head reminded me this was more than a rescue mission in the burning building. I clinched my eyes shut, a moment of blackness threatened to overwhelm my senses but I almost immediately snapped back from an impact that would be rendered your average person unconscious.
    Upon entering this burning run-down apartment building in the red-light district I only had thoughts of people who might be trapped inside. I should have known there would been some form of miscreant. After all, this is the most corrupt city in the nation.
    Though as a naive nineteen year old who had been trying this 'hero' thing out for about a week, I guess you could cut me some slack. After all I had a pretty exceptional strength and an invulnerability of sorts. I was a terrific athlete in high-school but since the event I had also gained an amazing endurance and agility increase. As well as my main 'power'.
    The heat from the surrounding fire caused my warm, exposed skin to glisten with sweat. It gave me the same feeling as a terrific two-hour long gym workout. Though at that moment, I felt nothing but anxiety. What was I doing in this burning building in this part of town? I must have been crazy...
    "Hit her again, goldtooth!" I heard someone shout behind me.
    I quickly spun around in time to catch the bat in my hands as he brought the overhead swing down towards me. The attacker was a tall black man. His face was sweaty and grimacing as he struggled to pull his bat back. His lips snarled and I saw why they called him goldtooth. The short man behind him kneeled and held a rag to his mouth to filter the smoke from the air. He was stuffing, what looked like large zip-lock bags of white stuff, into a duffle-bag.
    I was still slightly dazed from the hit I took, but still strong enough to maintain a grasp on the bat. My arms were fully extended above me, grasping the wider part of the bat. I could see a change in the the black man's face as his eyes traveled down my body.
    I didn't really have a costume like Miss Miraculous in Metro-Port, or Iconic Woman here in Detmond. Tight black leggings covered my toned legs, over them a yellow skirt I used to wear to cheerleader practice. Traveling upward, the skin covering my tight athletic core was exposed up to my yellow and black tube-top. It was a nylon/spandex material, with enough support to allow me flexibility while supporting my healthy 34C, borderline 34D-cup, breasts. It covered my chest up to my neck like a turtle neck, as well as extending half-way down my biceps. My shoulders and arms are femininely toned and athletic. Finally my eyes were masked with a silly mardi-gras mask I had laying around my apartment. The feathers tickled my forehead making me regretting not having a better mask option. I wore my long brunette hair in a high-tight pony tail.
    This look he was giving me while gazing over my tight sweaty body was making me feel dirty. I pushed he and the bat away and took in a deep breath. I was going to try to use my raw sonic-voice to push them both to the ground but forgot the hallway was rapidly filling with smoke from the fires. My eyes opened wide upon this realization and I began coughing.
    This momentary oversight was all goldtooth needed to get the upper hand, swinging again and connecting with the side of my head, spinning me around as I fell to one knee. Though it didn't hurt, I felt another pang of dizzyness wash over me. I knew I had to do something more drastic before this got out of hand. There could still have been innocent people in the building I needed to help.
    "What do I need to do to keep this hoe down?!" I heard goldtooth shout.
    Still kneeling I turned my head and saw him winding up to hit me again. As he swung I dropped into a perfect split, the bat swinging horizontally just above my head. I reeled back and punched him in the groin. Rolling backwards I got to my feet in time to deliver him a vertical kick similar to the kind we did during cheers, snapping his head backward, putting him down. My throat finally clearing, I stepped over him, legs parted with my feet on either side of his wide chest. Looking ahead I addressed his short friend with the drugs,
    "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way, like your friend here" I quipped.
    I felt so embarrassed. I did not feel at all comfortable with this heroine lifestyle, but with the powers I had gained, I didn't see how I couldn't try. He had finished loading the duffle-bag and smiled at me. I looked down just in time to see goldtooth releasing a massive punch into the soft tissue between my legs. His middle knuckle landing squarely on my sensitive concealed nub.
    My eyes shot open as my face pouted. My knees instinctively came together and I leaned forward slightly. For all my increased strength and invulnerability to knifes and bullets, I have learned that I had become extremely sensitive to any type of sexual stimulation. In that one motion, I felt the betrayal of a tiny pang of lust in the pit of my stomach. I could feel sweat drip from my bottom lip. I knew I had to put an end to this quickly-
    Before I could finish the thought, I felt his huge right hand reach up and grasp me between the legs. Only the thin piece of fabric from my panties covered my most vulnerable area from him. His thumb covered my pubic mound and my tight box rested in the palm of his hand. His middle fingers sunk into the crevice between my cheeks and his outer fingers firmly held my curvy tight buttocks. I felt suddenly very small in his large black hand. Instinctively I grabbed at his wrist, trying to pull him away as he squeezed me rhythmically, as if testing an orange for ripeness. My eyes clinched shut as I tried to avoid feeling any pleasurable tingle from this situation.
    "I think she likes it Stunner...did that bitch knock out my toof?!?" He asked, spitting out his gold tooth.
    As I made a fist and wound up to slug him, I felt his cohort grab my wrist and twist it behind my back. My natural female instincts and fear of being sexually assaulted quickly set in. As Stunner grabbed my other hand and pulled it behind my back I suddenly remembered I was stronger than him. I was stronger than both of them put together. My rear quivered in Goldtooth's hand as his thumb started to graze over the hood where my clit was hiding.
    "Ughh" a grunt escaped my lips. "Enough!" I managed to shout while I kicked the thug, formerly known as Goldtooth, in the face. I lowered my chin to my chest as I wound up to head butt Stunner behind me, knocking him backwards. He didn't release my wrists, pulling me with him, and we both slammed into the heavy closed door behind him. Leaning into his chest, I watched as the ceiling above the stairwell gave way, fire and debris filling the stairwell next to us. I still instinctively clinched my eyes and turned away, as if that could hurt me.
    The momentary distraction was enough to give Stunna a chance to wrap his arms around me, pinning my arms to my side and lifting me a few inches off the ground. To my surprise he cupped my breasts in his big hands, filling them. The sensation caught me off guard. His thumbs went to work on my nipples, drawing circles around them and sending an unwanted surge of pleasure through my body. The thin spandex material offered little protection, in fact, the smooth material coupled with my sweat created a terrific sensation. He didn't realize it, but he was doing the only thing I knew of that could weaken me. Before the Event sex was my favorite thing, now I had to avoid it at all costs.
    I was stronger than he was but he had the leverage; my toes barely touched the ground as he held me in the air. I knew I couldn't let him keep toying with my nipples. A soft, involuntary moan escaped my lips as he pinched my left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. But it was no time to panic. I was still confident I could break free and end this.
    Taking a deep breath I slammed my head back into his face until he let go and I dropped lightly to the ground. I heard the wooden door cracking under the impact and a small part of my worried I had seriously hurt the asshole. His body slumped to the floor behind me. I directed my attention down the hallway, flames now danced from underneath the other doors. I looked down briefly and became aware that my sensitive nipples now protruded distinctively from under my yellow and black top. Just ahead of me stood Goldtooth, a knife in hand, blood trickling from his nose. I could tell he was enjoying the sight of my big firm breasts with pointy nipples and I wanted to raise my arm to cover them.
    "Looks like you're enjoying this baby. Why are you making it so difficult?" he asked.
    It was at that point I noticed the bulge in his pants that rode down his thigh slightly. It was pretty large. My eyes must have focused on it for too long because he laughed and clutched his crotch through his jeans. I felt a familiar tingle from between my legs, like a good friend I hadn't seen in a long time. "Lets try this again" I thought, breathing in slowly, my lungs handling the smoke in slower doses.
    I made a tight circular shape with my mouth, as if I was blowing a ring of smoke, and began to exhale. I felt an unusual tingle in my throat, as the air in front my face began to warp. My throat felt numb as it vibrated slightly, discharging the total amount of air I had in a sharp, quick, burst. The air rippled and a bolt of sonic force shot forward, slamming into Goldtooth's chest, tearing his shirt apart and lifting him off his feet. His large body was sent backwards about ten feet before he landed on the ground, unconscious.
    Looking at both men, I realized the danger was gone, and all I could think about was the tingle between my legs and how sensitive my nipples felt. I sighed heavily, my cheeks burning, before continuing checking the building for anyone who needed help.

    I remember questioning why I tried to help anyone in the first place as I scaled the neighboring building. I only got three people out and two of them, upon realizing I was a meta, reacted like they didn't want my help. Help escaping a burning building!
    The police and fire crew had been there for a while as I helped people out of the building, but when a grav-tech humming FMC drone arrived on the scene, I knew it was time to boogey.
    You see, the new 'World Government', similar to the earlier NATO or United Nations, polices the majority of our planet. Though democratically formed, the 60/40 vote has been highly scrutinized. It's existence came to be once meta-humans starting raising in population.
    Be it mutation, technologically enhanced, magically enchanted or by whatever means, you were a meta-human. The next stage in 'evolution', man-made or natural. The existence of these meta-beings split the world between those who support and those who fear them. Some entire nations support, others completely are against, and our nation is just about 50/50.
    This was why the World Government was formed. So that all those who are afraid of meta-humans can get together via secure internet feeds and decide how they're going to respond to certain threats. Our nation created the Federal Meta Containment (FMC) division to patrol the cities and detain any meta-humans. Within the branches of local police though you can see the divide, where some police officers staunchly agree with the anti-meta policies, others are more understanding.
    Detmond City is one of the largest cities, second in both population and size to Metro-Port, in our great nation. For the better half of the the last century Detmond lead the way in fossil fuel refining and and transportation technologies.
    Unfortunately the recent emergence of fuel cell engineering and the still mysterious anti-grav technology put the great city into a serious recession. It was hard to for the average citizen to find a moments peace, even during a beautiful sunrise.

    The following morning sunlight shone through my window blinds and landed horizontally on my face. I woke and my body felt like a million bucks. My psyche however was a mess since recently my life was changed forever. I clinched my eyes shut and stretched, the t-shirt rose up above my midsection. My smooth, tight belly ached in that terrific way. Like every morning since it happened, my first waking thought went to the vibrating dildo in my nightstand next to my bed. It was the first I ever bought and the best relationship I had for some time. That was then. I had not gotten off in months. Whenever I touched myself, hell, even if I was taking a warm shower and thought about sex for too long, my head would get dizzy and I would feel really really weak.
    "Uggggg I hate this!" I whined as I put a pillow between my legs and squeezed my thighs together. I stared up at the mirror on my ceiling above my bed.
    My name is Kimberly Faye LaRue. At least those were the names they gave me at the orphan school growing up. As I took in my near-naked form sprawled in bed I was momentarily distracted from the ache in my panties. My brunette hair had natural blonde streaks and was wavy and full, long enough to go half way down my back. I would be bashful to admit my facial features were ideal and I never wore makeup. My lips, big and full, slightly parted as I gazed over my own body. I brought a finger up to my mouth and rested it on my bottom lip. I felt my heart beat faster.
    I lifted my chin a bit as I ran my long finger down along my neck. The light fabric of the slightly oversized t-shirt clung to my body. My shoulders were defined and toned, though still exceptionally feminine. My finger reached my left breast and lingered dangerously, tracing a circle around my nipple, causing it to swell. My breasts were full and firm, they pushed out from my chest defiantly; always filling any top I wore perfectly.
    In four months I would turn twenty. Before the Event, you could say I was lucky and chipper. Some of the boys, and often girls, flirted with me for the majority of my teenage life. It was a luxury I now missed.
    My finger traced downward through my cleavage and over my shirt's edge to my toned belly. I was a cheerleader for the four years of high-school and received a track and field scholarship to Detmond University. The semester started in ten days, if I could manage to not lose the scholarship anyway.
    I inhaled sharply as I pinched my now rock-hard nipple between my fingers. Instantly my body responded as I raised my rear off the bed a few inches, squeezing the pillow even more. Even now I felt my head becoming hazy. My otherwise extremely strong legs started to shake, unable to keep my hips raised.
    After the Event I had found that I was turned on by everything. My skin, almost too easily, would tingle as sexual thoughts were hard to keep out of my mind. It was hard to live like this. Impossible really.
    I'm not sure if it was two minutes or ten of touching myself in a heavy sweat but I remembered waking up hours later. My cell had missed calls and tons of texts from my cheer-leading girls; I had missed another practice. A single text with a sad face from my best friend Cynthia almost brought me to tears.
    This had been a reoccurring theme since the Event. Aside from letting down my cheer girls and watching my track and field scholarship almost slip through my fingers, I destroyed three doors from pulling too hard and shattered tiles in my shower from singing along to some music. My life was in disarray and I had given up. That night I made an irrational life-changing decision.

    I remember I was in the Detmond International airport three hours later. I had taken everything I could in an old gym duffle-bag and my backpack. Just under two grand was all I had in the bank, enough to buy a one way ticket to our neighbors to the north. They were much more progressive and accepting of metas.
    I was sitting in the terminal when the stewardess announced they would start boarding. It was then I caught a news report on the overhead flat-screen from Metro-Port. Footage of Miss Miraculous lifting a school-bus from a river underneath a bridge. It was all very dramatic. I remember the questions they asked her as they quickly interviewed and how her brief, heroic answers made me feel. Taking my ticket to the service desk, I asked
    "Anyway I can transfer my ticket to another destination? Metro-Port for instance?"

    This is easily the tamest chapter of the story.
    Brutal combat (no blood/gore, sorry) hardcore sexuality, Female/Male, Female/Futa, deepthroat, titty-fucking, lots of messy semen, and a pretty alright story to boot!

    If you enjoyed the prologue to my story PulseGirl (I) - Unwilling, please check out the whole book! 40,000+ words.

    Smashwords ? PulseGirl (I) - Unwilling ? a book by R.J. McKay
    McKay's PulseGirl Series

    ~R.J. McKay
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    Hello again, just wanted to let anyone who may have read the first book that the second was just released.

    Book II

    "Not long has passed after the Event that changed her life forever and sexy college cheerleader Kim has decided to embrace her secret life as the super-heroine PulseGirl. The once apprehensive girl has not only accepted her role, but excelled at it.
    She is a bit cocky and doesn't ask for help... this will need to change for her to survive her newest challenges.
    There is a new drug threatening to take over the city and the authorities seem to be of no use stopping it.
    If that wasn't enough she is constantly being hunted by the rock-skinned mutant named Yellowstone. He has developed an unhealthy sexual obsession with her after the night under the bridge over a year ago...and will do anything to make her his sex toy, or break her trying.

    Broken dreams, broken promises and broken bodies."

    - - - Updated - - -

    PulseGirl (II) - Broken - Prologue

    Although the city was still just getting it's taste of this new heroine, those who knew, knew me as Pulse Girl. A sassy overconfident little thing with her head just above the water, gasping for dear life.

    "I know you're new, and you're doing good things, but..." Iconic Woman confessed as her words trailed off.
    "...I had a feeling there was a but." I sighed.
    She had flown us both the rooftop of a nearby skyscraper after my success turned near disaster on the overpass.
    "But you're a bit reckless." she added.
    "Is this about the van? Because I missed grabbing it by, literally, my fingertips..." I defended.
    The scolding went on for about five minutes. Wasn't exactly how I pictured my first conversation with another of Detmond's super-heroines to go, but what ya gonna do?

    In the time I wasn't acting bratty or ignoring her on purpose. I just found being around her difficult...distracting.
    You see, as a side effect of having super strength, endurance, invulnerability and ever evolving sonic powers, I also had a few less desirable traits. For whatever reason, when the cellular changes occurred within me giving me those great powers...they also affected my libido. Amplifying it, really. Ridiculously.

    In short, and please don't take this the wrong way, I would find everything arousing. Anything...everything...flipping through a damn magazine of Cosmo would turn me on. 'How to please your man with a bowl of butter'. Stop. I can't.
    My ears would get warm and a tingle like butterflies in my tight, athletic belly would ripple through my sexually sensitive body.
    It got worse. Another side effect of the cellular mutation was invisible to see, but pulsing from my taught, lithe body at all times; no pun intended.

    Pheromones. Awful ones. I gave off an unseen attraction. If given enough time, even religious, classy individuals would feel an uncontrollable lusting desire for me. Not just lusting, but feeling sexually inhibited and violent towards me and my body.
    And in my line of work, a trait that turns a small gang of thugs into aggressive, horny rapists is arguably the worst thing you can have.
    But that wasn't the worst part.

    Aside from a few other basic weaknesses, like needing air to breath or being susceptible to drugs like chloroform, worst of all was the Sartaq.

    Apparently named after the ancient Mongolian warlord Sartaq Khan, it was more my enemy than any villain ever would be. Within me was a constant throbbing reminder of my own destruction.

    The Sartaq was what fueled my hyper libido. A voice in the back of my head that flashed sexual images and pushed me towards sexual surrender. Whenever I was forced (or in moments lacking willpower) to give in to the dark sexual desires, my strength and toughness waned and I would become vulnerable...

    Gradually, it would make me physically weaker, then mentally cloudy. Then my body would enter a sort-of shock, where my limbs went basically numb. My eyes would glaze over and everything starts to black out.

    The dominating sensations at that point were sexual and carnal in nature. Every inch of my sweaty body would tingle. Every dirty thought I tried so hard to suppress, would explode across my mind. It could even kill me if sustained long enough. Heck, who was I kidding...it would kill me one day.

    "Going to have to do better than that!" I shouted, quickly twisting and turning my body as I dodged more bullets.
    There were three ski-mask wearing criminals inside the moving van underneath me. My feet were spread wide and my knees were bent to keep my balance as the vehicle raced forward.

    'Years of childhood gymnastics are paying off today!' I thought to myself.

    So why dodge bullets if they would only bounce off my extremely tough skin? Because they stung like a mother, that was why.
    Holes popped in the metal roof as bullets pierced it all around me. I should have been more alarmed. But even in that moment of chaos and action, I found myself distracted by something as silly as how stale my bubble-gum had become, and wondered why I kept chewing it.

    The glare of the daytime sun caused me to squint as my brunette hair whipped around behind me and tickled my neck. Similarly my mini skirt danced in the wind tickling my thighs.

    Due to a million reasons, less crime, more civilians, it was very rare for me to go out during the day as a super-heroine.
    Even before the Event that changed my life I had an athletic build. Growing up a student athlete I spent hours in the gym everyday.
    No longer though, the experimental serum I was injected with gave me extraordinary 'gifts'.
    Controversially, magazines have listed me in the top twenty-five 'most beautiful people' more than once. That didn't mean I was comfortable showing everything off. And my costume did basically that.
    It was fabricated from a rare material made of unstable-molecules. Stretchy but firm, it couldn't be stained or torn; was completely indestructible.

    At the time of it's creation I was convinced it would be wise, as most heroines do, to reveal a bit of skin here and there. It would distract the scum and villainy and give me an advantage in the crucial moment of battle. 'Sexuality is another weapon in your arsenal' I was told.
    And it works. More than once I got in an easy first strike because dumb men were caught staring. And that's great for most heroines. But for me it almost works against my favor.

    The van sped along a raised overpass when I noticed a busy intersection ahead where the bridge ended. There were several civilians crossing, completely unaware of the danger racing towards them. 'These pigs aren't going to stop' I thought.
    Quickly I lunged forward towards the hood of the van. With both hands I grabbed onto a cross bar atop the windshield and kicked my legs straight up into the air. I held the hand stand for a moment before spinning forward and smashing through the windshield, feet first.
    All the seats, sans the driver's, were removed. Probably to make room for the large armored-cases of rare diamonds I stopped them from stealing.

    Judging by the force my feet felt after smashing through the windshield I assumed I slammed into one of the thugs. My mental celebration was quickly followed by a hard fist to my jaw that twisted my head around.

    'Should have got my bearings quicker' I thought to myself.

    "Back for more, sweet tits?" I heard a familiar nasally voice ask. Turning to late, I felt the devilishly sweet impact of a knee driven right between the legs. My eyes shot open in surprise as I felt a tingle in my lower abdomen. I tried to suppress the lip-biting expression my face involuntarily made, but could tell by their pleased smiles, it was too late.

    The night before I had encountered that same group. Flashlights in a dark alley caught my attention while patrolling the rooftops of the commercial district in northern Central Island. Later I found out the building was used by a large scale commercial jeweler.
    At this naive point in my career if there was no meta threat, that is to say 'super powered', my strategy was lax; three masked criminals seemed to pose no threat to the heroine PulseGirl.

    After a heroic entrance and basic 'easy way / hard way' speech we started to mix it up.
    My reflexes allowed me to be two steps ahead of them, even in a three versus one scenario. Spinning, I struck with an elbow strike. The crunch of his nose let me know he was probably out of the fight.

    Before allowing the other criminals a chance I cartwheeled to the side and dove at thug, tackling him through a door and into the adjacent alley-way. I straddled his abdomen and administered sweet justice in the form a few quick fists.
    Hearing another approach, I quickly tilted my head to the side to dodge a kick from the last standing would-be-criminal.
    "Nice try, pal" I taunted, before quickly rolling sideways to my feet.

    He threw another haymaker that was easily dodged. With a smirk I quickly grasped his wrist and crossed his arm in front of his neck and pinned him against a brick wall.

    I smiled and was reminding him it "Would have been easier if you'd just given yourself up, the law doesn't go easy on-"
    But before I had a chance to finish I felt a heavy impact on the back of my head, the force sending my body forward into the man before me.

    The one with the broken nose had caught me off guard and dazed me. The impact, that would have likely rendered an average woman unconscious, merely sent a white flash across my senses before things slowly faded back to normal.
    During that time the two put a few hits on me, using my body as a punching bag, before I regained my bearings and decided to end it.
    While preparing to use a sonic attack I let my guard down and took a solid kick between the legs, causing my body to bend forward a bit, arching my back to protect the suddenly attacked region.

    The bloody-nosed man must have noticed my sudden lack of focus, and heard the tiny whimper escape my lips, because he followed up with another kick to my sensitive feminine region. The fourth pounding caused my knees to press together, instinctively protecting myself. I struggled to gain control of my body and the situation. The Sartaq was triggered.

    My face was contorted as I felt it. Not pain, I was tough, basically invulnerable. It was more sinister. A tiny hint of a warm, liquid feeling, a stirring ache in the pit of my stomach.

    'No! Not now...' I thought, with a hint of worry.

    "Let's get the fuck outta here!" one thug yelled, pulling at his wounded comrade.

    "Hang on, you seeing this?" a criminal asked.

    "Yeah, Cheer-Girl here must be getting fucked too much in the locker room... got herself a sensitive puss!" the man behind me taunted, laughing.

    He grabbed me from behind and put me in a choke hold. With my arms lifted overhead I could feel my large breasts heaving noticeably with each gasp of air I drew in.

    The bloodied criminal latched both his gloved hands onto my shoulders and began steadily bashing his knee between my legs, pounding me over and over. Each impact shook my tight body and forced a betrayal from my lips in the form of a sexual whimper. Each impact caused my breast to defy the support my skin-tight tube-top provided and jiggle to the delight of my attackers.

    'Unng! ...this can't be happening...' I thought as I felt every bit of his hard kneecap press into the soft folds of my panty-covered womanhood.

    'This shouldn't... UnnG! .. be turning me on...' I whined in my head, once again betrayed by my body. In the back of my air-deprived mind, like a slimy tentacle slowly wrapping around my ankle, I felt the grasps of the Sartaq starting to take hold. I only had a few moments before I would be completely helpless.

    My eyes clenched shut as I involuntarily whimpered. I realized my nipples had hardened under the smooth fabric of my tube-top.
    "She's not so feisty now..." The criminal behind me admitted as I struggled to catch my breath. My lungs started to burn. I needed air. Using my waning strength I turned from side to side in an effort to break free. But I was losing my strength. In some sick way, my body interpreted this violent act as sexual.

    "Ughh!" I yelped as my heart rate began to pick up. A feeling of dread overcame me as it's evil tentacles slowly pulled me down into its warm grasp.

    Unwanted images of my young, toned body being used by those three men flashed in my mind's eye. It was my weakness. The Sartaq.

    In the blink of an eye the memory was gone.

    "Not this time!" I snapped.

    With a flurry of backhanded fists and kicks I disarmed the passengers. Glancing out the windshield I realized the intersection was only a few yards ahead. Whipping my body around I grabbed and tugged hard at the steering wheel.

    The van violently turned to the right, the force tossed the passengers across the back of the van.

    We smashed into a small divider and came to a stop perched half on the over-pass and half dangling over the side. It must have been twenty-five or thirty-five feet to the busy road below.

    Quickly I popped out of the van door and had a look around for injured civilians. People in the intersection just ahead were scattering from the shock of what just happened.

    For the first time I took in my surroundings. North East Westland was as bleak during the day as it was at night. The people who didn't run were on their cell phones and gasped at the sight. I knew it wouldn't be long before FMC drones, or worse, showed up to the accident.
    Satisfied that I had executed another darn-near flawless halting of criminal actions I allowed myself to sigh heavily. I strolled around the van and grasped the rear doors. With an effortless tug and a metallic screech I tore them clear off their hinges and tossed them aside-


    The sound of gunfire prefaced a sharp impact on my chest. I winced but stood my ground as the .45 caliber slug crumpled into a flat piece of metal against my chest.

    It did no physical damage; only stung like a bitch. But as I felt my breasts jiggle slightly from the impact, the tiniest of unwanted tingles was sent down the back of my neck. That hint of eroticism that caused my nipples to stiffen was the only real danger.

    The shooter, kneeling just behind the door with the gun barrel practically a foot from my chest, had a look of terror on his face. A big pink bubble grew from my lips before it burst and I smiled and winked at him, before socking him.