Beyonce's Unexpected Challenge


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Jan 25, 2011
Her entire life Beyonce Knowles trained her body and mind for one purpose – to be a fightress.
To be fair she is much better known for her performing as a singer and entertainer, which is precisely the point. Beyonce, like many of her famous female contemporaries uses her musical talents as a cover for her real work, which is a special agent in corporate espionage. While she has become an extraordinarily successful musical entertainer, she is an even greater fightress employed by the company known as Undefeated Technologies (UT) to not only defend the company’s tech and assets but also to be deployed to seize and reconnoiter the tech and activities of rival firms.
* * *
Beyonce had only just landed via para drop in Thailand’s jungle when she began to make her way to her target. Her mission was to infiltrate a weapons technology laboratory, access the mainframe computer and download the schematics for a new type of ICBM launch system. The company whose lab she was to enter, Sombra Psionics, was a long time rival of UT and was known to sell their weapons to virtually anyone who had the money to buy them; particularly those who would use those weapons against UT and its cadre of women warriors.
She traveled quickly on foot, and within one hour she saw a clearing up ahead. Carefully she made her way forward and, using the dense foliage just before the tree line as cover she saw a one storey building, approximately 2000 meters in length. It had no windows, was completely black and made of stone. At the entrance stood only two guards – ninjas to be exact, the time tested foot soldier of virtually every tech and weapons company Beyonce encountered, including her own. She smirked and thought to herself, perfect, this will be too easy.
In her years as a fightress Beyonce had dispatched literally hundreds of such ninjas, generally with ease. As such she was trained to overcome defenses like these, and she was one of the best.
Judging the two ninjas to be little more than a speed bump, Beyonce casually emerged from the foliage, entered the clearing and began walking up toward the two ninjas. They saw her immediately and froze – she smiled brightly at them, supremely confident in her impending victory. Beyonce could never figure out what was underneath the black clad ninja garb, and wondered if they were men, and if so did they appreciate her sexy and revealing outfit?
The two parties approached each other and soon they were standing only a couple feet apart. Sizing them up, Beyonce said “You boys could make this a lot easier on yourselves if you just ran back to Sombra HQ. At least you’d make it out of here alive.”
One ninja responded and not sounding the least bit intimidated said, “We do not fear death. But you do, and we relish the fact it will come to you today.”
Beyonce laughed with genuine mirth, “Really? You know you’d have to actually be able to defeat me first before you kill me."
The other ninja responded quickly and matter of factly, “Indeed, but it is not us who will be your end. Sombra has anticipated your arrival and has brought one of its own fightresses to combat you.”
Surprised, Beyonce looked around quickly. How could they possibly have known I was coming? Being careful not to show her surprise she answered again with a smile, “Who ever you’ve brought in is no match for me. I’ve defeated your fightresses before.” Then, settling into a fighting stance she grinned and said, “Bring it.”
The ninjas, as is their wont, charged her with great fury throwing all manner of kicks and punches.
Their hands and feet came at Beyonce in a flurry, and she quickly blocked and parried. She could immediately tell she was the superior physical specimen and thought, A bit weaker than usual. This is going to be easier than I thought. Lets get this over with so I can get the data.
At that Beyonce moved on the offensive, quickly firing a powerful kick to one ninjas head while simultaneously blocking a punch from the other. Much to Beyonce’s surprise, the ninja ducked her kick and quickly landed a punch to her stomach.
“Ugh!” she grunted as she fell back a step. Blocking a few more swings she threw a punch at the other ninja who blocked the blow then quickly spun around and backfisted Beyonce in the face, hard.
“No!” Beyonce cried out, her head rocking back from the hit. How can this be happening? Her thoughts were quickly interrupted when a blow landed to her chest. Her hand immediately went to her breast to ward off any more potential attacks, a look of surprise and pain on her beautiful face. At that moment a kick connected to her chin, sending her flying onto her back. She landed with a thud, a breathy cry escaping her lips.
She laid there, summoning the strength to get up before the ninjas took advantage of her compromised position. They are hitting so hard. I’ve never fought ninjas like these… I could swear I was stronger than this! Then she overheard one of the ninjas saying, “Well Beyonce, our CEO isn’t going to be happy that a fightress was brought out to fight you for nothing. Looks like we’ll be taking care of things.”
At that, Beyonce leapt up in one swift motion, smiled and said “You could never defeat me. Let’s end this!”
Beyonce let loose her strongest and quickest attacks on the two ninjas; kicks, punches, hold and throw attempts, all to no avail. She was completely unable to land a single blow. Meanwhile, the ninjas were scoring more and more hits to Beyonce’s face and body. “Oh… ah! Uh! No!” she grunted as the blows rained down on her.
Beyonce’s confidence was breaking along with her body. She screamed out as another punched landed first on her face, then her chest. Then one ninja got behind her and kicked the back of her knee. She collapsed on both knees, looking exhausted and defeated. She swayed unsteadily, groaning. This... cannot... be...
To be continued...

Well that's what I've got so far. I thought it would be interesting to take screenshots that might approximate the different stances and looks I wanted to convey. Figured a little illustration couldn't hurt. Anyway, any suggestions on what happens next? Will she defeat the ninjas and confront the as yet unknown enemy fightress? Or will she go down ignominiously at the hands of mere pawns?
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Jun 10, 2010
Not a bad effort Ares. The term "fightress" made me smile :)

Screenshots are a good idea and they can add a lot to your descriptions (without doing all the work, of course).

I had to read this story since I friggin' LOVE Beyonce!

Lastly, there's no way she should lose to a couple of sucky ninjas! Let's bring on this other fightress!


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Aug 8, 2011
I love it... I think that is a brand new way to introduce familiar face to the story. Even though she has gotten hit, she needs to recover and fight a tougher opponent.

Concerning the fight scene, it is well thought out. Well described. Really good. Hope you keep going :D


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Apr 19, 2013
I think it would be humiliating if she was defeated by the Ninjas while the big boss fightress takes what's left of Beyonce Knowles by simply breaking her in the end.


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Jan 25, 2011
Beyoncé's Unexpected Challenge continued...

“Well, it is time to finish her,” one ninja said as he bent over and placed his hands around Beyoncé’s neck. He squeezed hard to the point of choking her, and lifted her to her feet.

Beyoncé knew if she didn’t do something she would be killed. I’ve been in tougher spots than this, she thought. I must complete my mission.

The ninja squeezed harder, causing Beyonc̩ to gasp and cough. She was beginning to lose consciousness. She could feel the muscles in the ninjas arm tensing Рit would only be a matter of moments before he grew bored and decided to snap her neck. Now was the time to act.

Summoning all her strength, she kicked up with as much might as she could muster. Her booted foot landed square in the ninja’s crotch, causing him to release her. Coughing she backed away, aware that the other ninja was preparing to strike. And strike he did – firing a quick kick to Beyoncé’s face. She swayed her head back, the blow missing by mere centimeters. At the same time, she grabbed his foot and twisted it as hard as she could. She could feel and hear a sickening crack as the ninja’s ankle fractured, causing him to utter a blood curdling yell. She released his foot and he fell to the ground, writhing uselessly whilst uttering curses.

The ninja whose crotch she hit had risen by this point, and came at her with a fury on her. He offered three jabs of lightning speed – but Beyoncé was even faster. She blocked each one with her left hand, then landed a punch to the ninja’s nose. She could feel the nose give beneath her leather bound knuckles, and as the ninja fell back it was clear from the moist head gear that it was already bleeding profusely.

Beyonc̩ wasted no time Рshe advanced on her enemy with the aim to end this battle once and for all. The ninja managed to execute a round house kick which she quickly ducked. As she rose again she used her upward momentum to deliver a devastating uppercut, sending the ninja on his back, knocking him out cold.

Mercilessly she walked to the unconscious combatant and stomped her foot down on his neck, breaking his windpipe, killing him. She turned her attention to the other ninja with the broken ankle who was still screaming in agony. As she approached him he said, “You’ll never get out of here ali-“. She had bent down and snapped his neck before he could finish his sentence.

Exhausted, Beyoncé allowed herself a moment to catch her breath and take stock of the situation. I don’t understand how these two almost defeated me, she pondered. Has Psionics developed a new, tougher breed of ninja? And if so, how was it that I completely misjudged them? These were all good questions, questions she would bring back to UT HQ after the mission.

Beyoncé knew there was no time to dilly dally. She searched the ninjas and it wasn’t long before she found what she was looking for – a plastic key card that would allow her access to the facility.

She quickly made her way to the door and used the key card. The card reader emitted a soft ‘beep’, and the heavy steel door slid open. Beyoncé gasped at what she saw.

She was standing in one large room which seemed to be the entire interior of the facility. It was mostly empty except for the bright floodlights on the ceiling along with a black helicopter of an unfamiliar make sitting idly in the rooms center. The only discerning feature it had was white lettering on its side which spelled “SOMBRA”.

Perhaps what I need is in that helicopter, she thought.

She began to walk towards the suspiciously placed vehicle, and she already knew what would happen next.

Beyoncé was only a few feet from the vehicle when she heard a loud hiss as the cockpit opened. Looking up at first she couldn’t see who was there, until she saw a black gloved hand emerge, and a very familiar face rise up. Beyoncé was speechless and just stood there gawking as a woman hopped down from the cockpit and landed deftly only a couple feet from her.

“What’s the matter Bey? Surprised to see me?” the woman said.

Struggling to find her words, Beyoncé could only manage to say, “Kelly?”

Indeed it was. Kelly Rowland, former teammate and friend of Beyoncé Knowles stood before her, apparently the very fightress that was to destroy her.
Kelly chuckled and said, “Well at least you remember my name. I guess I should be flattered.”

Still stunned, Beyoncé asked a question she already knew the answer to, “What on earth are you doing here?”

Laughing again Kelly replied, “Why getting paid of course. Same reason you are. Oh this is beautiful… can you imagine what my contracts will be worth after I finish you, the great Beyoncé Knowles?”

Shaking her head in disbelief Beyoncé replied, “But why, Kelly? We’re friends! Why this betrayal? We’ve fought side by side on countless missions back when we were Destiny’s Child. We were a great team!”

A scowl suddenly crossed Kelly’s face, “Yes, we were a great team. That is until you became greedy and left us. Michelle and I tried to continue on and recruit a replacement, but where were we going to find another Beyoncé Knowles? Our contract worth plummeted, and it wasn’t long before we could hardly find any company that would employ us. You see, they thought Destiny’s Child was all about you, which is precisely how you always wanted it.”

Kelly began to walk slowly around Beyoncé in a circle and continued, “We struggled, Michelle and I, taking scraps of work where we could find them. We were considered only one rung above ninjas! Can you believe that!?” Kelly’s face contorted with rage. “Until I was approached by Sombra Psionics. They offered me work, and when I completed every contract they assigned me, they gave me the best job of all. Fighting you.”

Shaking her head Beyoncé came back, “Kelly, it was never my intention to hog the spotlight when we were a team. We worked together, and we always gave each other credit with each victory.”

“NO!” Kelly yelled, her face flushing, “This is what you wanted all along; it is YOU who betrayed US!”

Beyoncé grew frustrated and angry with the accusations, and finally she said what she truly believed and felt, “No Kelly. This isn’t what I wanted. And no I never tried to take the spotlight… I left because I was better than you. I was better than Michelle, and the two of you were holding me back.”

Kelly then screamed in abject rage and attacked Beyoncé with all the grace of a bull in a china shop. Even still, Beyoncé could tell Kelly had come a long way since their days fighting as a team.

The speed and ferocity of Kelly’s attacks were astonishing, albeit familiar. It was clear she still used Beyoncé herself as a foundation of her own fighting style, although Kelly had come into her own as a competent and deadly fightress.

Beyoncé warded off Kelly’s attacks, and using her blind rage against her, Beyoncé was able to sneak in a kick to Kelly’s stomach, and another to her chest. Kelly grunted and fell back a step, but she seemed to recover quickly.

Kelly fired a punch to Beyoncé’s face, which she parried and returned her own blow, her fist connecting with Kelly’s cheek. Beyoncé then kicked at Kelly’s knee, but Kelly back flipped away just in time.

Beyoncé approached Kelly quickly, throwing another quick jab to Kelly’s chest. Kelly blocked it deftly and countered with a right hook, nailing Beyoncé square in the jaw.


It was now Beyoncé who fell back. Kelly kept close and punched Beyoncé in the stomach. Beyoncé doubled over in pain, her breath forced out of her lungs. Kelly grabbed her hair and brought her head down hard, kneeing her several times in the face. Beyoncé cried out in surprise as her lovely face was beaten. Kelly then let go, and as Beyoncé tried to find her bearings Kelly delivered a flip kick which knocked Beyoncé flat on her stomach.

“Ahhhh!!!” Beyoncé screamed as her skin smacked against the cold hard floor. She struggled to rise and managed to get on her hands and knees. It was a futile effort, however, as Kelly knocked her back down by kicking her hard in the stomach.

“Ohh!” Beyoncé grunted as she fell to her side. This time Kelly allowed her to rise. Beyoncé could see a smirk on her opponents face – it was obvious her former friend was enjoying this. I must not be defeated by Kelly, Beyoncé thought.

Back on her feet, Beyoncé was determined to bring Kelly down. She attacked quickly, punching Kelly in the face, then in the chest. Kelly grunted loudly and gave ground. Beyoncé smiled and thought this is the time to finish it. She executed a flawless roundhouse kick with her powerful shapely leg, seeking to knock Kelly out of the fight with one blow. Beyoncé underestimated her opponent, though, as Kelly ducked under the kick, and while ducked punched Beyoncé in the groin.

Beyoncé screamed in pain as she toppled over, knocked completely off balance. She landed hard on her side, her face hitting hard against the floor. Kelly grabbed her before she could even attempt to get up on her own, lifted Beyoncé to her feet and threw her into the hard steel of the helicopter. Pain exploded in Beyoncé’s head as it careened into the chopper. She staggered, a look of pure shock and agony on her face. Kelly grabbed Beyoncé’s arm and twisted it around her back, pushing upward forcefully while with her other arm she tightened around Beyoncé’s neck.

Beyoncé struggled to break free, but the more she tried the tighter Kelly made her grip.

Whispering in Beyoncé’s ear Kelly said, “You see it now, Queen Bey? You see that I am stronger than you? A better fightress than you?”

Beyoncé did not have the strength or breath to respond. Seemingly satisfied, Kelly released her and took a step back to admire her work. Beyoncé stood before her, swaying on her feet, dazed and defeated. “Uhh…. Ohhhhmmmm” Beyoncé moaned.

With that, Kelly punched Beyoncé in her chest. She fell to her knees, and Kelly once more kicked her in the face. Beyoncé fell backward, one final grunt escaping her lips as her back in the floor.

Beyoncé Knowles was utterly and completely defeated.


Kelly smiled, and wondered if she should end Beyoncé’s life… after a moment she thought better of it. “It will be so much more satisfying to let her live with the fact that I defeated her. Plus, I’m sure we’ll meet again one day, and I’ll get to do it all over again. So long ‘Queen’ Bey.” And with that, Kelly climbed back into the cockpit of the Sombra helicopter. Entering a code into the copters keypad, the ceiling opened up, and she flew off to return her company’s headquarters.
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Aug 8, 2011
This was an awsome story. Simple and to the point. The characters were great. I was hoping all of destiny's child were good and were all beaten at the end. But this works as well. Hope you keep on writting. Can;t wait to read your next story. Love the attached pictures


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Apr 30, 2019

I enjoyed it. No nonsense, straight to the point.
I like your style. And how you used beautiful in "a look of surprise and pain on her beautiful face".
It's so much more real and enjoyable than most of the stories I read.
I even got a lil....frustrated :oops:

Would fight her myself if I had to.
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