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    Filled Outfit Request - Zone-Tan - ZONE Archive

    EDIT: Request filled. See post #6. Hello everyone, I searched for this outfit all over the forum first, but only found Dr Cursed's outfits, but one of them is tattered and the other is pulled down, is there a normal one? I'm talking about that purple sweater she's wearing, strapless, covers...
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    Zone-Tan Character v001

    Just a little character folder I put together containing Dr.Cursed's Zone-tan as well as the zone-tan fap song. Please note that this mod relies on dialogueActions. You should ensure that dialogueActions is loaded (including it in your $INIT$ list is recommended) before activating this...
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    Zone-Tan Static Hair 1.0

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    Dr. Cursed's Zone-Tan: Updated with Tattered Sweater

    Hello, you can call me Dr. Cursed! This is one of my first posts. I'd like to introduce myself as a grade A evil genius. Well enough with the introductions and formalities, you are probably here because of that title up there no? Well I won't keep you waiting. Here is my greatest...