1. ZakoGirls

    Girls explode

    Does anyone have content related to girls being literally destroyed? Exploding and etc. It can be women even, fembots, androids, game, film, anime or etc. Pictures, videos or any media. Like this: Or this:
  2. dinomoneyman

    Interactive Assassin Ryona/Guro Adventure

    This is a thing I thought I would test out. It may end up decent, and it may end up being bad, I am not sure yet. This is an interactive fiction where the main character is an assassin sent out on missions to eliminate targets. These targets will usually be sexy women, and so will most guards...
  3. M

    List of games with female characters Mods

    I'll be updating this list with games that may not have much Ryona, but have more through modding. I'll also add links to the respective mods. (Will update links for all these later) Bully SE Edition Female player mod Dead Rising 1 - Chop Till You Drop (wii) Play as Jessie Dead Rising 2...
  4. Ryonastories

    Top 10 favorite ryona victims (Girls/Guys) in non-ryona video games

    I'm new and wanted to break the ice. I used non-ryona games because these are the tools I use for ryona myself. - - - Updated - - - Okay I'll start 1. Asuka Kazama 2. Leifang 3. Xianghua 4. Anna Williams 5. Lisa (doa) 6. Kasumi (doa) 7. Sophitia/Cassandra 8. Sonya blade 9. Chun-li 10...