1. A

    Cheetah and Tiger markings / skin 1

    Do you know Robin Hobb? In her series Soldier's Son, there's an extremely hot and sexualized character with cheetah-like markings. Haunted my dreams. My mod is nowhere near perfection but it's a start, I hope someone else can do better than me! There are 4 files: 2 per "animal", split between...
  2. F

    Flora - TwoKinds - Hair 2019-05-31

    Just a quick hair mod I made for myself, modified a little bit to fit. Figured others might enjoy it. Two versions, one with a face stripe and one without. Mods used for the screenshot: Countess mod in sby's loaderpack Tiger Girl by superduper2019 Character code...
  3. superduper2019

    Tiger Girl 1.0

  4. Huitznahua

    Bikini Tiger 1.4

    Thanks to : @stuntcock without whom this project would not have been possible ; @sby too for his help. Features : RGB1 for main Fill, RGB2 for straps and the extend strap-colors ; Straps connected to the bikini cups ; Animated knots which bounce with the movements ; Highly detailed...