tifa lockhart

  1. SyntaxTerror

    RGB Dynamic Long Hair (07) 2.1

    This is the basic game hairstyle made by konashion (Tifa). RGB adjustable colours code is due to the programming skills of ModGuy. Predefined colours code has been designed by the almighty sby. Notes: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the...
  2. ExpandLonger

    Where are the Character Files for the base Loader characters ?

    As mentionned in the title, I am searching for the characters that are in the base version of the SDT loader. I use th sby loader pack, but there isn't any of the base characters such as Miku, Samus, Tifa etc... Does anyone know how I can get these characters in sby loader pack version of the game ?
  3. Synonymous

    Tifa Costume 1.0

  4. Sketch Turner

    Tifa Trainer

    I'm currently working on a slave trainer like game called Heartlocked which is based around characters from FF7. You work on making Tifa a nice loyal pet and minion of Shinra. I usually update the game monthly so look around the beginning of the month for updates. The most recent version of...
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