thigh pouch

  1. Huntress Outfit

    Huntress Outfit 1.0

    Skimpy superhero costume and cape for The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) from the DC Animated Universe
  2. Jill BSAA Outfit

    Jill BSAA Outfit 1.0

    Combat uniform worn by Jill Valentine of Resident Evil, as a member of the BSAA team
  3. 3DMG Costume

    3DMG Costume Normal Version

    Clothing worn with the 3-dimensional Maneuver Gear in Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
  4. Lightning Costume

    Lightning Costume 1.0

    Combat uniform worn by Lightning (aka Claire/Eclair Farron) in Final Fantasy XIII
  5. Domino Costume

    Domino Costume 1.0

    Skintight bodysuit worn by superheroine Domino (Neena Thurman) of Marvel Comics
  6. Rika Outfit

    Rika Outfit 1.0

    Shoes, pants, t-shirt, and accessories worn by Rika Nonaka (Makino Ruki) of Digimon
  7. Skyla Gym Leader Costume

    Skyla Gym Leader Costume 1.0

    Costume worn by Skyla (Huuro, Fuuro) of Pokemon Black and White

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