1. Funky5622

    Soul Calibur 6: Goblin stuffing

    Just bought SC6 recently and boy do I love this game. Decided to create a short story for you guys. Villain is loosely based on the anime "Goblin Slayers". Those little devils are demons from hell alright.. :confused: Click on the link below for more of the story Goblin vs. Taki (red)
  2. Funky5622

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Female Ninja vs. The Kings

    Hey guys! I've decided to play Tekken Tag 2 again so I can prepare for the arrival for Tekken 7. I finally got my hands on the special "Championship Belt" moves (the Kings in specific) and I wanted to showcase how awesome the item is. Here are a few pics of the blonde fighter getting her butt...
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