1. Low Sleeve Frilled Top

    Low Sleeve Frilled Top 1.0

    Frilled T-shirt with exposed shoulders.
  2. Low Sleeve Sweater (Short Sleeve)

    Low Sleeve Sweater (Short Sleeve) 1.0

    Sweater with exposed shoulders.
  3. Asymmetric Top

    Asymmetric Top 1.0

    T-Shirt with only one sleeve.
  4. Ripped Top

    Ripped Top 1.0

    T-shirt customized with scissors.
  5. Knotted Top Pulled Down

    Knotted Top Pulled Down 1.0

    Knotted t-shirt pulled under the breasts.
  6. Cleavage Knotted Top

    Cleavage Knotted Top 1.0

    Cleavage t-shirt knotted on the front.
  7. Tank Top

    Tank Top 1.0

    Sleeveless T-Shirt.
  8. Top Pulled Up

    Top Pulled Up 1.0

    T-Shirt pulled above the breasts.
  9. Top Pulled Down

    Top Pulled Down 1.0

    T-Shirt pulled under the breasts.
  10. Basic Cleavage Top (Very Short Sleeve)

    Basic Cleavage Top (Very Short Sleeve) 1.0

    Plain Cleavage T-Shirt with shorter sleeves.
  11. Basic Cleavage Top

    Basic Cleavage Top 1.0

    Plain cleavage T-Shirt
  12. Basic Top (Very Short Sleeve)

    Basic Top (Very Short Sleeve) 1.0

    Plain T-Shirt with shorter sleeves.
  13. Basic Top

    Basic Top 1.0

    Plain T-Shirt.
  14. Side Cut Top

    Side Cut Top 1.0

    Sleveless T-Shirt with wide opening on the sides .


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