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  1. BashCandicoot

    Toadette (Super Mario Series) Request - filled

    EDIT: Filled- see next post Toadette is a female Toad from the Super Mario Series. Here is a imgur link for usable references. the Mario Kart 8 stamp might be the best to use as a reference.
  2. SyntaxTerror

    RGB Dynamic Long Hair (06) 1.0

    This is the basic game hairstyle made by konashion (Peach). RGB adjustable colours' code is due to the Action Script programming skills of ModGuy. Notes: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. To change the colour of the fill, use...
  3. Perdition

    Bowser Shell 2018-10-15

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Bowser' mod, this mod isolates the shell, makes it RGB adjustable, and turns it into a top. Combine it with Phantom-Wolf's Bowsette hairs Another Bowsette Hair! (Red Version) Bowsette Hair for Bowsette roleplay.
  4. Perdition

    Mushroom Earrings 2018-04-03

    Earrings shaped like the Super Mario mushrooms with a gem for the center spot. This mod is RGB adjustable with both earring color sliders.
  5. hugedicknick

    Rosalina Ponytail V1

    This is a version of D-Oxygen's Rosalina Static hair ponytail mod witch can be found here Except in this version the left eye is covered instead of the right (meaning you can see her eye)
  6. D-Oxygen

    Shy Gal (Black) Static Hair 1.0

    Dress (slightly edited using moreclothing) by Iago Recommended body charName:Shy...
  7. D-Oxygen

    Shy Gal (Red) Static Hair 1.1

    Dress (slightly edited using moreclothing) by Iago Recommended body: charName:Shy...
  8. W

    Female Yoshi STD Request

    So i've been searching around for a female Yoshi (From the Mario.Bros saga) mod for SDT, Maybe hair, or a custome. Some ref images Thanks!

    Thanatos' Backgrounds (Star Wars, Kim Possible, Pokemon, & more) (Update 30.09.2016)

    If you want to know, what I have changed or what is new, feel free to look into the second post. There is an Update History where I try to name the changes I made in every update. I would really appreciate if you leave some comments if you like them or not, if you...
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