suit jacket

  1. Puella Schoolgirl Costume

    Puella Schoolgirl Costume 1.0

    School uniform worn by female characters in Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  2. Yagyuu Costume

    Yagyuu Costume 1.0

    Schoolgirl outfit worn by Homura of Senran Kagura
  3. Ayase Costume

    Ayase Costume 1.0

    Casual outfit worn by Ayase Shinomiya of Guilty Crown
  4. Aoi Outfit

    Aoi Outfit 1.0

    Work uniform worn by Aoi Sakurai of Rail Wars!
  5. Haruka Outfit

    Haruka Outfit 1.0

    Work uniform worn by Haruka Koumi of Rail Wars!
  6. K-On! School Uniform

    K-On! School Uniform 1.0

    Generic school uniform, worn by female students in K-On!
  7. Office Lady Costume #3

    Office Lady Costume #3 1.0

    Black pencil skirt and suit jacket. A professional outfit for an office lady.
  8. Businesswoman's blazer

    Businesswoman's blazer 1.0

    Standard suit jacket worn over a blouse. Suitable for a businesswoman or anyone in an office setting
  9. Rukia School Uniform

    Rukia School Uniform 1.0

    Grey school uniform worn by Rukia Kuchiki of Bleach
  10. Pilot Uniform

    Pilot Uniform 1.0

    Sexy uniform for a female airline pilot, as featured in ??? KPop music video

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