1. Elza Scar

    Elza Scar 1.0

    Ragged facial scar, found on Elza of Suikoden
  2. Sarah Earring

    Sarah Earring 1.0

    Bead earring worn by Sarah of Suikoden
  3. Cuff Earrings

    Cuff Earrings 1.0

    Small paired cuff earring worn by Lucretia of Suikoden
  4. Lucia Earring

    Lucia Earring 1.0

    Dark dangle earring featuring a striped bar, worn by Lucia of Suikoden
  5. Josephine Earring

    Josephine Earring 1.0

    White earring worn by Josephine of Suikoden
  6. Jeane Earring

    Jeane Earring 1.0

    Jeweled dangle earring worn by Jeane of Suikoden
  7. Hoop Earring

    Hoop Earring 1.0

    Golden hoop earring worn by Jeane of Suikoden
  8. Blue Dangle Earring

    Blue Dangle Earring 1.0

    Blue earring worn by Chris Lightfellow of Suikoden
  9. Ruby Stud Earring

    Ruby Stud Earring 1.0

    Small red stud earring, worn by Bernadette Egan of Suikoden
  10. Purple Fan Earring

    Purple Fan Earring 1.0

    Gold earring with trailing purple fronds, worn by Arshtat Falenas of Suikoden

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