street fighter x tekken

  1. Sickerton

    A Girl's Best Friend

    "Too slow, Frankenstein!" Flipping clear over her opponent's shoulder rush and kicking off his back, Juri Han was having a blast toying with this musclebound meathead. She knew from the dossier Bison forced her to skim on the trip over that this guy was named Bryan Fury, and that the ugly hunk...
  2. Sickerton

    Juri Han Versus The World 11: Written By The Winners

    Chapter 11: Written By The Winners "A... penitent... man... oh, come on now..." The archaeologist's brow furrowed as she finished dusting off the wall inscription. She was fluent in most living languages and many more dead ones, but it would not take a cunning linguist to figure out where this...