static hair edit

  1. WhenHacesTusMomosEnVideos

    Caulifa SSJ Hair

    Hi, this is just a simple edit of Caulifa's hair Caulifa original hair made by deadreaver
  2. K

    Kallen (Bunny Ears) SWF Conversion (Plus FLA) v201107-17

    Kallen (Code Geass) Hair w/ Bunny Ears SWF Conversion (Plus FLA File) by Keitaro-kun Static Pre-Conversion Unknown. Other Kallen and Bunny Ear related Resources on FAQ.
  3. T

    Petra Macneary Hair Edit (without tattoo) 2020-11-28

    This is an edit of Failing Up's (fabulous) Petra hair. I just removed her face tattoo to make it a bit more of a "general purpose" hair.
  4. ElQonquiztador

    Lara Croft Hair Fix

    I found this great Lara Croft import by Fapster, but it is in the old, shorter image format, so the ponytail ends before it should. I don't have the experiance necessary to replicate the same style to finish the broken ponytail, so I was wondering if one of you more talented artists could do...
  5. K

    Code Geass - Kallen SWF

    Made from static version (not me) Updated with char data Feel free to tweak
  6. C

    Sakura Haruno Fix

    The existing template of Shippiden's version of Sakura was pretty... rough. It's a shame, since it's a pretty popular character. So i took the liberty to fix it, here goes. [attachthumb=2] hair:sdchan,1,1;iris:bright...


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