star vs the forces of evil

  1. BashCandicoot

    Request for Kelly from SVTFOE

    This character is from the cartoon Star vs the Forces of Evil and her perspective such as side views look weird. It seems as though her hair from the back face both sideways and front at the same time, but there are a few parts in the cartoon that show her facing right, but the hair perspective...
  2. BashCandicoot

    Jackie Lynn Thomas (SVTFOE) - filled request

    Jackie is from a show called Star vs The Forces of Evil. She has some side views, and those can be used as reference. Having a static hair mod would be nice. her little tuft of blue hair should probably be on the side where you can see it so you can distinguish the hair a little easier.
  3. A

    Jackie Lynn Thomas

    Hi! Could anyone make the hair for Jackie Lynn Thomas from SAtar vs the forces of evil? Thank you :)
  4. dark_knight17

    Mom (Alola) - Pokemon Sun & Moon 2017-01-16

    Original Thread here charName:Mom...
  5. T

    Star Butterfly Static Hair 1.0