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  1. A

    sfm - help needed

    I've been playing with SFM for about 6 months and have moved up to the "not bad" level at pose-to-pose animation. I like drowning and neck-snaps and have made a few short videos (10-60 seconds). i'm not very interested in getting good with cameras and have limited sound resources. I also...
  2. NiteGuardian

    The Dead or Alive Corner (Video Game)

    Ok guys, here it is! What I hope will become a Dead or Alive mega-thread, with all kinds of interesting Pictures and Videos shared, I will be adding stuff semi-regularly myself and keeping it alive, but I ask you all to join in too! What you CAN post openly in this Topic: - Screenshots from any...
  3. D

    Romero Special Blowjob - SFM Animation

    I heard you guys like stuff like this. Depravity or Atrocity — Romero Special Blowjob - Another Original Atrocity...
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