short story

  1. Antimatter42

    Pro Boner - The Short Story Adaptation

    Note: My first short story of 2020, and my first piece of original content in terms of fiction. Like I said on my fiction thread, this is an adaptation of my Pro Boner dialogue from back in August. If you can, feel free to play that one, as well as read this. Otherwise, I hope you'll like this...
  2. Sickerton

    Here Kitty Kitty

    Felicia, bruised and battered, could only writhe against the wall and mewl as the pistol barrel wedged up under her jaw. "What life are you on at this point?" the red-hooded girl asked her with a psychotic smirk. "Seventh? Eighth?" The pistol worked it's way up her chin, eventually forcing...
  3. Sickerton

    A Girl's Best Friend

    "Too slow, Frankenstein!" Flipping clear over her opponent's shoulder rush and kicking off his back, Juri Han was having a blast toying with this musclebound meathead. She knew from the dossier Bison forced her to skim on the trip over that this guy was named Bryan Fury, and that the ugly hunk...
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