1. Antimatter42

    Suguha Kirigaya and Asada Shino Outfits Request - Filled

    EDIT- Request filled. See link ->Sword Art Online (SAO) Megapack - Updates I was messaging @Jaxx earlier to see if he can make these outfits, but I can't seem to post the images on the PM function on this site. So, instead, I'm opening a thread for this. My request, as indicated by the title...
  2. Jaxx

    Sword Art Online (SAO) Megapack 1.7

    Sword Art Online MegaPack Notice: There has been many updates since this firt release, be sure to check the updates tab to figure out everything's new. /!\ NEW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FROM 1.7 /!\ Requirements: As from 1.7, you will need Pim_gd's DialogueAction mod. Download link. Those...
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