1. Huitznahua

    Skyrim Santa Robes 1.0

    I planned out this mod for ... Christmas 2015. But, you know ... I procrastinate very hard. This mod is based on a skyrim mod : Skyrim Santa Robes. The headwear don't fit for every hair mod. The glare effect on the armwear come from the latex gloves by @mike. The high heels shape come from...
  2. Naduron

    Event 17 - [2013 Santa] 2016-02-22

    Guide: Tera Modding Start UTHelper.exe 1. Click on [Load Package] -> Click on the file with the same name as the "Target GPK" .gpk 2. Click on the tab on the left side, Click on [Exports] 3. Look for the file with the same name as the mod and Right-Click on it and choose [Import] 3. Choose the...
  3. Iago

    Christmas Hat 1.0

    It uses only the first Headwear RGB slider.
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