saint seiya

  1. metaleroda

    marin static hair whit helmet 2019-03-14

  2. metaleroda

    marin clothes 2019-03-14

  3. sandman_2010

    Adult Sasha - Athena (Hair covering eyes) Static Hair 2017-05-19

    It's the same hair as adult Sasha, only with her eyes covered. You can check the normal version in my downloads.
  4. sandman_2010

    Adult Athena (Sasha) Static Hair 2017-05-19

  5. sandman_2010

    Saori Kido - Athena Static Hair 2017-05-19

  6. sandman_2010

    Lyfia Static Hair 1.0

  7. sandman_2010

    Milo Static Hair 2.0

    I still don't like the hair too much, but it's the best I could do.
  8. sandman_2010

    Loli Athena (Sasha) Long Static Hair 1.0

    Hair clips when her arms are "on legs".
  9. sandman_2010

    Loli Athena (Sasha) Short Static Hair 1.0